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A New Year Affirmation For Each & Every Zodiac Sign

(12/30/20) A new year mantra for each & every zodiac sign
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January 2, 2021

The New Year is upon us, and as we head into 2021, now is as good a time as ever to have affirmations at the ready to keep you inspired.

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Affirmations are positive and empowering words of encouragement. The idea is that when you repeat these affirmations to yourself regularly—even if you don't necessarily believe them to be true at first—it can help you overcome negativity and start to take the steps to bring them into reality. Research shows that self-affirmations can activate the brain's reward centers and help ladder up to lasting behavior change.

Of course, there's something different in store for everyone in the coming year, but depending on your astrological sign, certain themes will likely be present. So, here's an affirmation for every sign, based on mbg's resident astrologists, the AstroTwins' predictions for 2021.


According to the twins, Jupiter and Saturn have moved into Aquarius—Aries' 11th house of teamwork and technology. Fiery and independent Aries can use this energy for cultivating more camaraderie, collaboration, and friendship.

An affirmation for empowering friendships: The people I surround myself with support and help me in my endeavors.

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Earthy Taurus will be happy to hear 2021 offers much more stability than 2020, the twins note. Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, Taurus' ambitious 10th house, allows Taurus to turn their ideas into real, tangible goals, with the addition of some much-needed structure.

An affirmation for structure and goal-setting: I am grounded in my vision and work to achieve it every day.


The year 2020 was intensely emotional, potentially preventing lofty Gemini from aligning with their purpose. But with the karmic north node in Gemini in 2021, the twins say, there will be an incredible push for Geminis to pursue their ultimate purpose.

An affirmation for aligning with purpose: I am aligned with, and deserving of, my ultimate purpose.

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For Cancer, 2020 was all about balancing relationships and the bonds they share with others. Now, in 2021, those relationships can go deeper, which allows Cancer to get the most out of their strongest bonds, the twins explain.

An affirmation for strong relationships: My relationships are balanced, empowering, and strong.


Leo is in for a relationship-centered year in 2021, so it will be extra important to prioritize self-care. Once Venus enters Capricorn, Leo's wellness zone, on November 5, Leos may feel energetically spent. Simply put, don't skimp on the me-time!

An affirmation for self-care: I support my needs and set healthy boundaries.

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If there's a sign that's known for structure and organization, it's Virgo. And after a chaotic year, 2021 will have Virgos' back in their groove, the twins say, allowing them to refocus, bringing the regimen and routine they love (and need) to feel orderly and optimal.

An affirmation for structure: My routine keeps me fresh, organized, and healthy.


Libra should prepare for a glamorous and social year, with both Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius—much to the relief of Libras after an isolating 2020. Creative vibes will be strong, the twins note, with the potential for a big passion project (and a healthy dose of romance).

An affirmation for creativity: My creativity is boundless, inspired, and magical.

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For Scorpio, 2021 is all about the foundation—domestic life, family, and self-care, the twins say. Whether that means planting roots where they are or making the move to settle somewhere new, Scorpios can expect a very home-centered year.

An affirmation for a nourishing foundation: My space and those in it are secure, supportive, and peaceful.


Sagittarius will be glad to hear 2021 will have a lot more variety than 2020. This fiery sign can expect plenty of people and projects to keep them occupied, according to the twins—but they need to be careful not to overbook themselves and burn out.

An affirmation for balanced activity: My life is full of adventure that lights me up from the inside out.


Self-discovery and deep reflection was the name of the game for Capricorn in 2020, the twins note, and in 2021, they can plan to use all that reflection to cultivate a blank slate of sorts, with real-life implications; New year, new you, right?

An affirmation for starting fresh: I have a new opportunity to be my best every day.


After the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius on December 21, 2020, the coming year will be anything but boring for Aquarians everywhere. The twins note to expect big changes and, ultimately, a new way of being. Hang on tight!

An affirmation for change: I handle change with clarity, grace, and wisdom.


Pisces can prepare to go deep in 2021, according to the twins, as the year could bring with it a spiritual or artistic renaissance. Leading up to the summer, Pisces can also expect a lot of healing and release: Take it easy, and don't be afraid to really feel it all.

An affirmation for release: I release all that no longer serves me on my path to healing.

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