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20 Fun Sexual Role-Play Ideas To Tap Into Your Wildest Fantasies

Kesiena Boom, M.S.
February 11, 2022
Kesiena Boom, M.S.
By Kesiena Boom, M.S.
mbg Contributor
Kesiena Boom, M.S., is a sociologist and writer. She has a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from the University of Manchester and a master’s degree in Gender Studies from Lund University.

Ever dreamed of being someone else just for the night? Then sexual role-play may be something you'll enjoy. If you're new to the role-play world, here are some ideas for different scenarios to enact and tips on how to initiate a conversation with your partner about trying it out.

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How role-play works.

Role-play is when you take on the persona of someone else while having sex. For example, a couple may have sex while pretending to be strangers who met at a bar or acting out a scene where one person is royalty and the other is a servant.

The role-play can be as developed and complex or as simple as you like: You can incorporate costumes, backstories, and music to set the scene, or you can just narrate what you're doing from a different perspective. The point is just to use your imagination to heighten sexual pleasure, tap into sexual fantasies, and play with creativity and self-expression.

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Why you may want to try it.

"Sexual role play can bring elements of play and novelty to a relationship. This is especially rejuvenating when partners feel like they've hit a plateau in the relationship," says therapist Wardeh C. Hattab, LCSW. Using role-play can help you and your partner rediscover the intrigue of your early days together and inject fun back into a sex life that might have begun to feel a little routine.

Role-play is also a chance to step outside of the everyday rules you usually live your life by. "It allows couples to do things they wouldn't have felt comfortable doing otherwise," explains sex therapist Aliyah Moore, Ph.D. "If you're used to asking politely, role-playing gives you the chance to become more assertive and make decisive orders toward your partner. On the other hand, if you're someone who's used to pleasing others, role-playing gives you the chance to simply lie down, relax, and take the role of the receiver."

Moore goes on to say that role-play can be a wonderful way for couples to bond and get closer as "acting out a fantasy builds the anticipation between partners, making sexual encounters more intimate and fulfilling."

Starting the conversation.

It might feel a little intimidating to bring up role-playing with your partner if it's something the two of you have never done before. To make it easier, sex educator Niki Davis-Fainbloom recommends bringing up the topic outside of sexual scenarios, "so partners have time to think about it without feeling pressure to do anything right away."

She also suggests that you consider what scenarios you might be interested in exploring before you bring it up with your partner so that you're prepared to answer their questions and explain what you might be into.

It's also important to keep in mind that discussing desires related to role-play should be a series of discussions rather than a one-and-done situation, says Hattab.

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Role-play ideas and scenarios to consider:



"This is an enjoyable scene to explore for folks who are aroused by the concept of having sex with a stranger but perhaps may not want to deal with the risks of actually doing it," says Davis-Fainbloom. You might even try dressing up, meeting in a new environment, and trying not to break character for it to be as effective and as hot as possible.

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Nurse and patient 

This role-play is great for people who want to play with dynamics of care. If you're generally into being attended to by your partner, then a nurse-and-patient role-play scene might be fun for you to try. You might also just have a thing for sexy uniforms, in which case this one can be perfect for you.



In this scenario, you and your partner are cheating on your spouses left back at home while you rendezvous at a hotel in the middle of the day. Add extra flavor to this one by actually checking into a hotel and making a real weekend of it. This one can be hot for people who are monogamous and are craving a feeling of novelty.

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About to take off

More nuts anyone? "In this one, the passenger and flight attendant have been making eye contact and flirting all throughout this overnight flight. Now that it's 1 a.m. and most of the passengers are asleep, it's time to see how friendly the skies can really be!" says relationship and sexuality coach Prandhara Prem. This role-play is great for people who like to break rules and have sex in unexpected places.



Maid-themed role-plays are great for those who like to be in charge and make their partners service them. "You can get the maid to clean a room for minutes on end, making her bend over, kneel down, and all that good stuff," says Moore. Invest in a cute little maid's costume for an extra kick. 


Someone you know

Maybe you're the hot barista at the coffee shop, or that girl you both met at that party one time. Whoever you are, make sure you're both on the same page about whether your relationship can handle it, says Hattab. Choose someone with a safe amount of distance. This role-play has endless possibilities, and it's perfect for bringing out sides of you that you are usually too shy to explore.


Teacher and student

While entirely unethical in real life, this scenario can be really hot when played out as a role-play. You might be drawn to a teacher-student dynamic if you're generally hot for authority figures or always had a crush on your teachers back in the day. Get ready to be punished for letting the dog eat your homework. "And if you want the idea to be even kinkier, you can make it a religious school," says Moore, adding for a little storyline flavor: "You're still a virgin after anal sex, right?... Right?"


Hypnotic love

"In this role-play, one person can be a hypnotist and the other will be hypnotized. The hypnotized loses control of their actions. This is perfect for someone wanting to get over inhibitions or push their personal boundaries," recommends Prem.


Electrician and housewife

Ring, ring. Who's at the door? Oh! It's the electrician who comes to service your appliances A role-play involving a worker and a housewife is suited to people who are turned on by trade uniforms and fantasies of being ravished on the couch before their husband gets home. Or maybe even for people who have cuckold fantasies and dream of coming home to their wife being ravished...


Masseuse and client

"I've seen so much massage porn that I'm often surprised when my masseuse rubs the tension out of my neck and sends me on my way," says Davis-Fainbloom. This scene would suit someone who is really turned on by "extended foreplay, erotic massage, and bending the rules," she says. Try to make the environment feel as different as possible from your everyday environment, play around with enticing scents, and make sure the masseuse takes their time before hitting the best spots.


Pizza delivery

A classic of the genre, you open up the door, and the pizza delivery person is hot as hell. Unfortunately, you don't have any cash on you... This role-play is exciting for people who are into the idea of exchanging sexual services as payment or just putting a sexy twist on a common, real-life interaction.


Lost in space

Picture the scene: You're the only two people left on a far-flung planet. The survival of the human race depends on you screwing as much as you can. Quick!!! This role-play is fun for people who are adventurous and like to dress up. The possibilities for space-themed sexy outfits are endless.


The shakedown

One of you is a guard, and the other is suspected of smuggling contraband. The guard is determined to find the hidden goods, while the other is making them difficult to be found. "But the officer is determined and will stop at nothing," says Prem. This role-play is perfect for those who are turned on by a good old-fashioned power struggle. Do you usually gravitate to power play? Then this one's for you.


Boss and worker

A sexual relationship between a boss and employee absolutely crosses the line in real life, but the taboo can make for some hot fantasies behind closed doors. "There's no denying it—role-play is a powerful place to explore power dynamics," says Davis-Fainbloom. This type of scene can be particularly ideal for someone who is interested in BDSM but hasn't known how to take the plunge. She suggests alternating between the roles of dominant and submissive to see which one works best for you.


Landlord and tenant

It's the last of the month, and the rent is due, but you and your landlord have a special arrangement... This role-play is another one that's based on power dynamics, just like boss and worker.


Pin me down

In this role-play, you both pretend to be pro wrestlers trying to get each other on the floor. You can wear slinky little wrestler outfits and even have a wrestler persona and new name. This role-play "gets the blood and adrenaline moving," says Prem. "Anyone feeling touch-deprived or sad can do this for a boost or quick pick-me-up."


Age play

For this one, you can play around with calling your partner Daddy or Mommy or set up a scenario in which you're finally left alone with your hot stepmom at the weekend... This role-play is ideal for people who are turned on by age gaps or who long to feel looked after or want to express nurture through sex.


Royalty and servant

"[This is] the perfect scenario for couples with a royalty kink, especially those who want to class up their Dom/sub dynamics," says Moore. "You can dress up as a Renaissance royal and have your loyal servant feed you, serve you wine, and have [anything else you] want."


Grocery store meet-cute

Your hands touch across the last loaf of bread, eggplant, or almond milk. You run back to the parking lot and screw in the car because you just can't wait to have each other... This role-play is fun for people who fantasize about having sex with strangers or who are turned on by spontaneity or exhibitionism.


Whatever you want!

The sky is really the limit when it comes to role-play. If you can think of it, you can play it. Take inspiration from your favorite TV shows, musicians, artists, porn scenes—anything at all can be given a sexy twist.

Tips to keep in mind.

Setting boundaries is of the utmost importance when experimenting with role-play, says Prem. Spell out to your partner what you're comfortable with and what you're not. Establish a safe word before beginning that you can use to come out of the scene if you start to feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed.

Being really clear with your partner about which aspects of a role-play scenario turn you on can help both of you to glean more pleasure from it. "An open discussion of the fantasy may help the partner understand what aspect means the most in role-playing to the other person," Hattab adds. "A partner who is less interested in role-play may be open to it with some more understanding of why their partner has this fantasy."

Make sure you're on the same page before diving in. A scenario in which you're the doctor and your partner is the patient, for example, could have myriad different ways of being played out. Establish a framework together for what things are off-limits and what things you both think are sexy.

The bottom line.

Like any other sex game for couples, role-play can be a really fun way to get to know your own desires. When you're playing at being someone else, you can feel free and uninhibited in a way that can sometimes be hard to access in everyday life. Dirty talk might feel easier, and unexplored kinks might come to the surface. As long as you and your partner keep the lines of communication open, a little acting might just bring you and your partner to new sexual heights.

Kesiena Boom, M.S.
Kesiena Boom, M.S.

Kesiena Boom, M.S., is a sociologist, writer, and poet. She has a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from the University of Manchester and a master’s degree in Gender Studies from Lund University. Her work has been featured at Slate, Buzzfeed, Vice, Autostraddle, and elsewhere. Her writing focuses on sex, pleasure, queer experience and community, feminist theory and practice, and race and anti-racism.