Why You Need To Open A Window At Home & At Work (Yes, Even in Winter)

Ever heard the old adage let’s get some fresh air in here? It's what we say when the house feels stuffy, or when we're sick. But how does that jive with the hundreds of commercials advising us to kill germs in our house with disinfectant? 

Doesn't opening a window invite germs inside?

Yes, and that's good news!

What used to be an old wives' tale is now re-emerging as science, as we start to really understand the holistic nature of the bugs that live around us and inside of us.

In my post last week, I shared an infographic that encourages us to rethink the bugs that live inside us, which are collectively called the human microbiome. New research in this field is showing that more than 99% of the bugs that live inside us are not harmful, and in fact, they're beneficial: aiding our digestion, metabolism, and particularly our immunity.

So what can we do about this?

There are many ways to build one’s microbiome, but a simple thing we can call do is open a window.

For most of human history, the outside was always part of the inside, and at no moment during our day were we ever really separated from nature.

Yet modern humans spend a whopping 93% of their lives indoors, inside buildings or vehicles. Opening a window and increasing natural airflow has been shown to improve the diversity and health of the microbes in your home, which in turn benefit everyone inside.

Today, you should open a window (or spend time outside)… tomorrow we can talk about our relationship with antibiotics. And if enough of us become conscious of this necessary paradigm shift we might be able to revive primary care.

Do you know someone who spends too much time inside? Send them this today and you might change their life forever!

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