5 Ways to Heal Your Knee Chakras

Written by Jennifer White

Lately I’ve found myself dealing with situations that are not within my realm of control. Ironically, when this happens I respond by being overly controlling in other areas of my life—areas that then suffer by this controlling behavior.

When I was younger, I had an eating disorder. Through much self-examination, I discovered that I was at my worst when I was going through something that made me feel out of control; so I controlled what I ate—or didn’t eat.

Similarly, as I get older I’ve discovered that unhealthy patterns in my relationships emerge during time periods when I feel the need to be in charge of something or, well, someone. The good thing is that recognizing these behavioral connections is the first step towards improvement. The bad news, however, is that there might be another seemingly unlikely victim in all of this—my knees. Let me explain.

We actually have minor chakras located around our knees. Our knees, in general, are physically complex and easily injured. There could be many reasons for your knee pain, so do make sure to see a physician if you’re experiencing chronic discomfort; having said that, as a chakra enthusiast, it’s crucial that we bring this lesser known chakra into our understanding. So here are five ways to get in touch with, and heal, your knee chakras.

1. Be flexible. The first and most important thing to do for your knees (as far as chakras and energy are concerned), is to be flexible—mentally and emotionally. When life becomes challenging, one of our first lines of defense can be closing down and becoming rigid—and this internal rigidity affects this area’s energy flow. If you find yourself frequently feeling the need to take charge of everything then ask yourself why—and try stepping back at least some of the time.

2. Go with the flow. This thought is strongly connected to being flexible, but they’re not entirely the same. There’s being flexible in the sense of allowing yourself to be out of control in situations that you cannot possibly be in charge of; or letting others take the reigns (at least part-time); and then there’s not always having a plan or an agenda. As fallible humans we can, and should, make plans and have goals; but then we have to let life take its course. Try, at least occasionally, allowing your day to unfold organically.

3. Let go. It’s so important to not let life’s little stresses and worries overwhelm the other wonderful things that we also experience; easier said than done I know. Still, it’s these more minor issues that often take over and destroy our positive sense of self—and, in turn, life. For me, meditation is often the only thing that really brings me back into equilibrium. Try this simple one: imagine water washing over you, cleansing you of all your fears and internal struggles. Then picture this soothing stream of water flowing through your knees, washing away your need to control every minor detail of your life. Feel the suppleness and release that radiate from this inner softening.

4. Reiki. The first time that I recognized the magnitude of this subtle chakra, I was in a reiki session at a hospital going through the worst time in my life thus far. Nevertheless, I won’t even try to explain reiki to you, as I know I wouldn’t do it justice. Trust me, though, if you’ve never experienced this form of healing, check it out. Your knees might thank you too.

5. Genuflect. This particular suggestion really offers insight into the energy of your knees. An online dictionary describes genuflect as “to bend the knee or touch one knee to the floor in reverence or worship” and “to express a servile attitude.” Just this definition alone helps one to understand that the energy flow surrounding your knees is at its healthiest when we have a proper and appropriate display of a lack of aggression and domination; in short, of servitude and humility—and prayer is one of the oldest ways of humbling oneself to a higher power. Meditation on this thought alone will hopefully help you connect to these minor chakras of your knees.

The main reason I decided to write this blog is because I’ve personally been studying the chakras for over 15 years—yet I didn’t begin to fully delve into this important aspect of the chakra system until 2 years ago. For one, it’s difficult to find information on; in this vein, I’m mainly seeking to simply bring its awareness to other chakra students. Additionally, as with most things on the spiritual path, your best research is personal experience and introspection. Keep this in mind, then, as you contemplate finding your best investigation through your own sensations and meditations.

More than anything, though, I hope that you enjoy getting in touch with this energy of your knee chakras. You might just find a surprising sense of empowerment and freedom that comes from realizing that sometimes the only thing we can do in certain situations is let go.

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