Powerful Affirmations To Balance Your 7 Chakras

Powerful Affirmations To Balance Your 7 Chakras

Our seven chakras are responsible for the flow of energy through the body. When they are open and aligned, we can more easily bring forward power, love, and inner wisdom to everything we do. When the chakras are blocked, though, it can lead to physical and mental stagnation.

Powerful Affirmations To Balance Your 7 Chakras

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It is by aligning with our chakras that we get to acknowledge and embrace all aspects of ourselves. By using affirmations to bring our chakras into balance, we are acknowledging that we are filled with greatness (Crown Chakra) and filled with humility (Root Chakra). We are acknowledging that we are learning and growing (Throat Chakra), and we are working to accept and embrace our strengths and weaknesses (Solar Plexus).


7 chakra affirmations for developing self-acceptance:

Crown ChakraI am filled with greatness.

Third-Eye Chakra: I am wise.

Throat ChakraI am learning, and I am growing. We are all learning and growing.

Heart ChakraI love and appreciate myself as I am.

Solar Plexus ChakraI accept myself completely. I accept that I have strengths, and I accept that I have weaknesses.

Sacral ChakraI am both sensitive and strong.

Root ChakraI am filled with humility. I am enough as I am.

7 chakra affirmations for developing trust:

Crown Chakra: I let go, and I trust the process of life.

Third-Eye Chakra: I am a wise decision-maker.

Throat Chakra: I am filled with the power of spirit.

Heart Chakra: I am filled with courage.

Solar Plexus Chakra: I accept that I am learning and growing.

Sacral Chakra: I am balanced. I know when to act, and I know when to wait.

Root Chakra: I am disciplined.

Chakra balancing is a very important tool for tapping into your most authentic self. Experience the power, confidence, and strength that comes from balancing and aligning all of your chakras—and see what happens!

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