The First Chakra - Root to Rise

We are absorbed in an energetic existence whether we acknowledge it or not. There are internal and external forces, seen and unseen, that affect how we experience the world. I remember when the concept of Chakras (energy wheels in the body) seemed like silly sh*t yogis say. Yet as I’ve become acquainted with these 7 sources of energy, I have developed a greater sense of mastery over my actions, thoughts and attitudes. So here’s a description and a mantra to clear and activate the first energy vortex, the Muladhara Chakra.

The Root Chakra draws energy from the earth’s core. It is located at the perineum near the base of the spine, also referred to as the Pelvic Floor. It connects to the adrenals and the kidneys which are responsible for our feelings of fight or flight. Emotionally, the first chakra relates to security, survival, power, courage and resilience. Energetically, this chakra relates to the archetype of the Mother.


Chant this mantra to develop courage and remove obstacles. Repeat this mantra out loud 108 times on your mala or follow along with the video for 1 minute. It loosely translates to: "Yo wake up Root chakra, awaken Shakti (manifesting energy) so I can remove my obstacles. Yeah!"

To increase the affects, practice stomping your feet while chanting the Ganesh mantra. The more fun you have, the better. Take a video of yourself chanting the mantra and send it to me at

Reading Recommendation: The Book of Chakras, by Ambika Wauters

Photos & Video from: Fluid Frame Photography

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