3 Steps To Intensifying Your Intentions & Manifesting Faster

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mbg Contributor
Lloyd Burnett is a San Diego based writer and spiritual teacher. He is the author of The Voice Inside Your Head: How to Use Your Mind to Instantly Create Financial Security & Attract Money.
3 Steps To Intensifying Your Intentions & Manifesting Faster

Have you ever set an intention for money, a relationship, or success? How long did that intention take to manifest?

Most people set intentions and struggle to bring them to reality. They ultimately give up or forget about what they wanted to manifest in the first place.

If you are setting intentions and not quickly experiencing your intentions coming into reality, or seeing the inspired action that wants to happen so that you can manifest your desires, you are not using your conscious manifestation power to its fullest extent.

Here are three steps to access your full manifestation power and attract your desires faster:

1. Clear blockages.

Imagine a clogged sink. You want water to flow through it faster. The solution is to clear whatever is blocking the pipes, right?

If you're not seeing your intentions become realized, it's possible that something is blocking you from consciously manifesting what you want—something clogging the flow of your intentions.

The most common blocks are fear and limiting beliefs. Most people believe that you have to ignore or get rid of fears and limiting beliefs to clear these blocks. But in reality, ignoring them or trying to get rid of them only makes their blocking power stronger.

Imagine a child who is afraid and asking for your attention. If you ignore the child, will the child stop being afraid or stop asking for your support? Most likely not.

The child will continue to ask for your attention in more and more disruptive ways, until you realize you have no choice but to support that child by bringing him closer to you.

To clear manifestation blocks, investigate your fears. This is the best way to release them. Give your fears attention by asking questions that will support the parts of you that are afraid.

If I don’t manifest my intention, I’m afraid that…

If I manifest my intention, I’m afraid that…

What do I need to feel safe bringing my intentions to fruition?


2. Shift the vibration.

If you are setting intentions from a frequency of lack, you will attract more lack.

That your thoughts attract your reality is only part of the manifestation story. Other forces like vibration influence your manifestation abilities. The vibration of your present moment attracts more of the same vibration into your reality.

Imagine you set an intention to have a million dollars. If you set that intention and don’t experience abundance, your vibration may not be congruent with the words of your intention.

To shift your vibration, ask yourself revealing questions:

Why do I want to manifest a million dollars? Do I want this money to feel financially free, powerful, or even worthy?

If you want to manifest money to feel financially free, powerful, or worthy, what does that say about you in the present moment?

It says that right now you aren’t financially free, powerful, or worthy, and you need something outside of yourself to feel safe.

The law of attraction works with the energy of the present moment—not your future feeling state.

If you want to manifest money to feel free, powerful, or worthy in the future, the vibration of your present moment is low because you believe that in this present moment you lack those things. Even though you are asking for abundance, you will attract more of the same low vibration of your present moment.

3. Develop a healthy relationship with the things you want.

If you aren’t in a healthy relationship with what you want, you are only using part of your manifestation power.

Most people believe that you can only be in relationships with people. On the contrary, though, you are in a relationship with all energy. People, money, success, your purpose, your job, and everything else in the universe is energy.

Imagine you want something from a friend. If you demand that your friend give you something, but you don’t listen to how they feel or what they want, do you think that friend will be more or less inclined to give you what you want?

It’s the same thing with manifesting. If you demand money to flow, but you don’t have a healthy relationship with money, money will feel disconnected from you and be less inclined to flow as you want it to flow.

If you are setting intentions and what you want isn’t showing up, ask your intention the following questions:

  • Why aren’t you showing up when I ask for you?
  • What do you want me to know?
  • What do you need to feel safe coming to fruition?

These three steps will help you build a conscious manifestation practice. When you clear blocks, reset the vibration of your intentions, and get in a healthy relationship with what you want, you access your full ability to shift your circumstances and create a life of abundance, love, and success.

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