Do These 3 Things Every Day For A Major Confidence Boost

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Learning to love your body is not an easy task—especially in our media-crazed, photo-filtered, before-and-after-picture-loving society. It seems as if we constantly need to “fix” a part of our body before we’re allowed to actually like it.

But, despite what society wants you to believe, you CAN fall in love with your body. Here are the three things you need to do to get started:

1. Let go of comparing.

You can't compare what’s going on inside of you to someone else’s outsides. You’ll never get the full picture of what’s really going on. At the height of my disordered eating craziness, I was the image of a smiling, happy, thin, size two/four, everything-is-perfect-on-the-outside kind of gal. Yet, inside I deeply despised myself—and no one knew.

I’m not saying every woman you see is like this, but some are. You’d be surprised to learn how many women struggle with their body image.

There are so many women who look like they have it all together: secure job, good family life, fun friends, and a stable life. And inside, their souls are being crushed by the weight of hating their bodies and wrestling with food demons. Yet their social media profiles probably look radiant, confident, and amazing.

So before you go ahead and say that they have the better life because they’re skinnier, remember that you never know what’s going on inside of them.

2. Say something nice to yourself when you look in the mirror.

If you want to drastically change your relationship to your body, commit to doing this every single day for 30 days. It’ll change your life. So much of our time is spent in criticism, self-hatred, and scrutinizing our flaws. When you begin to break that habit, your entire dialogue shifts.

We are used to passing by a mirror and thinking I look fat and disgusting, but what if your first reaction was to notice what you like? It could be the color of your eyes, your freshly blown-out haircut, the way your jewelry matches your outfit, or how radiant your skin looks. There is at least ONE thing that you can find that is a positive.

When you can take that small step to say something nice to yourself as you pass by a mirror, you’ll start to notice your internal confidence strengthening and a bigger bounce in your step.

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3. Accept where you are.

Acceptance is what allows you to change. When you begin to let go, to surrender to yourself, and to find peace with your current size, that’s what actually enables you to change. It’s then that you can stop obsessing over your body and move into self-compassion and kindness.

Accepting where you are means you aren’t fighting, resisting, and constantly battling your current self. It’s in the letting go that we find the courage to take actions to create the change we’re seeking.

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