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Is The Energy In Your Home Making You Sad? 5 Ways To Change It

Robin Thompson
Written by Robin Thompson

As a shamanic healer my job is to remove negative energy from people and places, helping people heal and improving their quality of life. The more I do this, the more I get to see how much the negative energies we build up or attract prevent us from achieving the life we truly desire.

The way we feel, live, and act, our relationships and the media we consume all cause a release of energy into our homes. We interact with this energy as we live in it, and it influences our thinking and emotions and affects our physical health. A buildup of negative energy in a home can cause or intensify relationship problems, insomnia, chronic health problems, depression, anxiety, or a repetitive cycle of financial or professional issues.

The vast majority of homes are never cleared of negative energy. This means that we are not only living among all the energy we release or attract to our homes, but also of everyone else who has lived there before us. Most people value living in a physically clean environment and ensure they do so, but how many realize that although their physical hygiene is good, their spiritual hygiene may be bad?

Most people who call me to clear their home already understand that their problems are energy related, while others are trying every possible avenue to heal, including mine. In many cases, clearing their home of negative energy and performing a personal healing on each family member resolves or significantly improves their quality of life by ensuring they are living in a harmonious energy environment that supports their wellness and well-being.

Between house clearings, or until one is possible for you, I recommend a few simple steps to ensure you minimize the buildup of negative energy in your home:

1. Create sacred space.

Finding ways to invite God into your home makes a big impact on your space. Create sacred space in your home that you and your family use for prayer. Bless your food. Pray often. By finding ways to raise the consciousness of your home and that of your family you release and attract less negative energy to you.

2. Minimize conflict, maximize love.

Protracted relationship conflicts can have a big effect on a home’s energy. Understand that the longer relationship issues are in play, the more negativity will be released into your home, and the more negative its occupants will become. Try to minimize long-standing conflicts and resolve arguments in the home swiftly. Laugh often. Look for opportunities to spend whole-family time together in your home in a positive and loving way.

3. Practice smudging.

Every month, smudge your premises using a high-quality resin such as frankincense. Frankincense is a gift to humanity from God and, when blessed and used with appropriate reverence, its spirit is a powerful force that clears many negative energies.

4. Minimize negative television and look for overuse of other electrical devices.

As televisions, computers, tablets, cellphones, and gaming devices increase in processing power and screen resolution, their magnetic energy fields become more intense, and often the shows we watch emit a negative or distorted vibration that in turn attracts more negativity into our home. If you constantly surrounded by electronic devices, consider ways to control the amount of time they're on and cut hours of time-wasting or overly negative usage of them. Limit computer usage at night, particularly in a dark room. Consider tuning in to TV shows with a positive message, and replace background television news channels with nice music. It's important, however, not to become too fanatical about this issue, as fanaticism can also increase your ego and fear level, making you more negative and irritating those around you.

5. Light blessed candles.

Asking God’s Blessing for a plain white candle activates it as a vacuum for negative energy. Place a blessed candle beside your television, computer, and in the main rooms of your home and keep it lit while you're present. It will absorb a significant amount of negativity as it is released. Remember when lighting and extinguishing a blessed candle to use reverence, or its blessing will fade or leave.

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