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Todd McCullough

Crowded Gym? Do This 5-Minute Warm-Up While You Wait

The treadmills will be open before you know it.

Todd McCullough
March 3 2019

The Best Arm Workouts For People Who Just Can't (Or Won't) Do Pushups

Pushups not for you? Here's why you should be doing side planks and biceps curls instead.

Todd McCullough
February 24 2019

If You Have These 3 Things, You've Got A Legit At-Home Gym

Skip The Gym: This Is The One At-Home Workout That Matters

Todd McCullough
February 4 2019

The Mind, Body & Soul Approach To Rebooting Your Wellness Routine

Not convinced to take your workout outdoors? Think again!

Todd McCullough
March 22 2018
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A Top LA Trainer On The Best Time Of Day To Build Healthy Habits

How a top Los Angeles trainer builds healthy habits throughout his day by using his four pillars of sweat, eat, mind right, and community.

Todd McCullough
January 3 2017

5 Running Tips That Will Make You Faster, Stronger & Happier

It's all about your form, your playlist, and your gratitude.

Todd McCullough
October 12 2016

Want A Strong, Defined Core? Give This Workout A Try

It isn't easy, but it will certainly be worth it.

Todd McCullough
September 24 2016

Follow This Formula For Your Perfect Summer Fitness Routine

I am a big fan of changing up my client’s workouts and utilizing nature in their training programs. There's just something grounding about putting...

Todd McCullough
May 24 2016

How Yoga Will Make You Better At Any Sport

As I reflect back on my time as a college weight-lifter and football player, I know I would have had more success by incorporating yoga into my...

Todd McCullough
May 18 2016

3 Ways Yoga Can Take Your Workout To The Next Level

A mindful practice can fill important gaps in a high-intensity fitness routine. Here's why yoga is the yin to CrossFit's yang.

Todd McCullough
May 11 2016

What To Eat Before And After A Workout: A Personal Trainer Explains

My food philosophy is pretty simple. If I can plant it, pick it or catch it, then I can eat it. If not, then I stay away. This is the same approach...

Todd McCullough
April 20 2016