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Gabrielle Frank

The 10 Fitness Studios Celebrities Love

Want to sweat with Taylor Swift's squad? Read this.

Gabrielle Frank
February 11 2016

10 Yoga Sequences For Every Mood

However you're feeling right now, we have the best yoga sequence for YOU.

Gabrielle Frank
January 31 2016

5-Song Playlist To Boost Your Brain Power

Tune into this playlist while you're making coffee and see if it stimulates new and intelligent thoughts all day long.

Gabrielle Frank
January 20 2016

You'll Never Believe How Many Americans Are Yogis

If you haven't noticed, everyone is doing yoga these days, from inmates to football players — and Yoga Journal and Yoga Alliance have the...

Gabrielle Frank
January 14 2016

11 Things Nutritionists Order At Mexican Restaurants

To help you navigate the menu better next time, here are some healthy ordering ideas from our favorite nutritionists, health coaches, and physicians.

Gabrielle Frank
December 11 2015

What REALLY Happens To Your Body When You're On A Bike (Infographic)

As biking grows in popularity in cities around the country, and fitness studios like FlyWheel and SoulCycle are expanding like crazy — it's clear that...

Gabrielle Frank
November 17 2015

Meet The World's First Yoga Doll (She Doesn't Look Like Barbie!)

Here at mbg, we frequently write about issues with Barbie, and how she's not the best role model for young girls today. Thankfully, there are a few...

Gabrielle Frank
October 12 2015

10 Things Nutritionists Eat For Breakfast

Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but it's also the most challenging.

Gabrielle Frank
September 16 2015

11 Healthy Foods Nutritionists Stock In The Freezer

Sticking to a healthy meal plan can be as simple as stocking your kitchen with the right foods.

Gabrielle Frank
August 31 2015

11 Nutritionists Reveal What They Order At Popular Food Chains

Because when you're on the road, on the go, or on vacation, it's not always easy to eat clean.

Gabrielle Frank
August 3 2015

The 15 Most Badass Men Of The CrossFit Games

Check out these ten male athletes who made it to the games and are counting down the days until they can compete.

Gabrielle Frank
July 23 2015