Dino Malvone

Fitness Instructor

Dino Malvone is the founder and CEO of SaltDrop, a fitness concept that warms the body and focuses the mind through beat-driven movement. In 2014, Dino discovered his passion for movement with barre3, a boutique fitness company with over 140 studios across the U.S. and Canada. Dino soon became one of New York’s most sought-after instructors (just try getting a spot in one of his classes). What began as a potential hobby, blossomed into a rewarding career where Dino can share his passion for teaching movement.

From this passion, Dino founded SaltDrop, a boutique fitness concept that puts a premium on real authenticity, with knowledgeable instructors from around the world, leading relatable classes for folks worldwide, centered around extracting joy from movement. Dino was tired of feeling “othered” in boutique fitness classes, so he created an incredible fitness concept that feels smart, sexy, empowering and inclusive.

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