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What Living in France Taught Me About Healthy Eating

Bread and cheese is definitely allowed.

Mikki Brammer
February 21 2017

4 Sneaky Relaxation Techniques You Can Do Right At The Thanksgiving Dinner Table

Helpful tools for that inevitable political banter at the Thanksgiving dinner table.

Gretchen Lidicker, M.S.
November 22 2016

5 Ways To Achieve A Radiant Look (Spoiler Alert: You're Probably Doing It Wrong)

Say goodbye to cakey foundation and spidery mascara! W3LL PEOPLE co-founder Shirley Pinkson shares her secret application tricks, top green beauty...

August 3 2016

Why You Should Be Grilling Your Avocados

Your barbecues are about to be upgraded from the traditional burger-and-hot-dog combo.

Emi Boscamp
June 24 2016

6 Tips For Traveling The World — Even When You're Totally Broke

Many websites offer “secret hotel” deals, where you can book a five-star hotel at a fraction of the price, as long as you don’t mind finding out where...

Courtney Sunday
May 29 2016

Walt Whitman's Health Tips — Including Eating A Paleo Diet — Discovered

Wake up early. Exercise. Eat lean meat. Take cold baths. Wear comfortable shoes. Go to bed early.

Emi Boscamp
April 30 2016

This Pediatrician Can Stop Any Baby From Crying In 5 Seconds. Here's How

All you have to do wiggle its little tush. Seriously. No magic wand involved.

Emi Boscamp
December 2 2015

Is Your Halloween Costume Offensive? Here's A Guide To Find Out

Halloween is supposed to be fun. Fun for you, fun for me, fun for everyone. So, let's not dress up in a way that would make it any less fun for anyone...

Emi Boscamp
October 27 2015

These Are The Best Tweets From #MarriageAdviceIn3Words

Whether or not you're married — or, for that matter, in need of advice — you don't want to miss out on this.

Emi Boscamp
September 16 2015

This Woman Went A Year Without Eating Processed Food & Had A Social Life

When she was 26, Megan Kimble went an entire year without eating processed foods. She didn't just survive, she had a social life, and she's documented...

Emi Boscamp
July 14 2015