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I'm An Olympian. Here's How I Use Social Media To Train Better

When athletes post their workouts to social media, it is easy to get caught up in comparing yourself to others—a potential recipe for overtraining,...

Dr. Joanna Zeiger
May 22 2016

Meet The Champion Boxer Who Loves Yoga & Meditation

When boxer Chris Algieri entered the Light Welterweight division of professional boxing in 2008, he rose to the world stage quickly, fighting some of...

Andrea Rice
August 19 2015

18 Signs You’re A Recovering Tennis Player

In his Hall of Fame induction speech, one of the most famous (and open) recovering tennis players Andre Agassi explains:

April 13 2015

How To Stay Tough When You Want To Quit

Ultra-endurance athletes Hillary Biscay and Rich Roll reveal how they eat, train, and build mental toughness to achieve peak performance.

September 14 2014

How To Believe In Yourself When No One Else Does

Ironman champion Hillary Biscay explains how she went from being a terrible age-group swimmer to a world-class professional athlete. In this talk, she...

August 3 2014

Why You Shouldn't Hack Your Life

Sure, it's trendy to hack your life, your diet, or your job. But ultra-endurance athlete Rich Roll says focusing on quick fixes actually diminishes...

July 20 2014

Ironman Champ Hillary Biscay On How To Stay Strong When You Want To Quit

Ironman champion Hillary Biscay has finished 66 Ironmans in her career, and at some point in every single one of them she has wanted to quit and cry....

June 11 2014

You Won't Believe What These Guys Can Do On A Bike! (Insanely Awesome Video)

Whether you like cycling or not, after watching this video you'll leave amazed by the power of the mind and the body to do amazing things with a bike!

December 13 2013

15 Signs You're A Recovering Swimmer

Recently we went down a rabbit hole reading Mike Gustafson's Twitter feed, a brilliant homage to competitive swimming. It stirred up some nostalgia...

August 8 2013

Confessions Of An Insecure Olympian

There’s a story about two young fish swimming. They see an older fish who stops and asks: “Hey boys! How’s the water?”

Jamie Silverstein
May 17 2013

5 Awesome Life Lessons From Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

NBA Hall of Famer and all-time leading scorer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has forged quite a second career for himself since the end of his playing days. He's...

May 3 2013

Pro Snowboarder Kimmy Fasani On Yoga, Ditching Gluten & More!

Professional backcountry snowboarder Kimmy Fasani is the first woman to complete a double backflip on a snowboard in the park and the backcountry, and...

Chris Roussy
March 6 2013

Why Yoga Will Make You Great At Your Sport

When I was a little my parents were really into the Chicago Bears, or as we Illinois residents referred to them, Da Bears! Jim McMahon was the pretty...

Tara Stiles
February 8 2013

Why Athletes Should Do Yoga

Tara Stiles talks about how yoga can make you a better athlete.

Jason Wachob
February 6 2013

I Got My Family To Eat Vegan and Gluten Free This Xmas And They Enjoyed It!

After getting married this year, my husband and I decided we should probably start pulling our weight and host the family Christmas extravaganza for...

Hillary Biscay
December 30 2012

How Athletes Can Win with Yoga

Yoga is great cross-training for our whole life: it gives us exactly what we practice, across everything we do.

Michael Taylor
November 28 2012

At What Cost Will Athletes Sacrifice Themselves to Win?

I do not expect many of you to know who Richie McCaw is. However, if you asked any New Zealander, they'd tell you, chest puffed up, that he is one of...

Kate Southward
November 1 2012

What Tiger Woods Can Teach Us About Happiness

So, I've set my goal, I know where I'm going, and with steadfast attention, I move in that direction.

Tom Cronin
October 7 2012

3 Reasons Why Yoga Makes You a Better Athlete

Over the years, the stereotypical image of a yogi has evolved from the friendly-hippie guru to, well, just about anyone. More and more diverse...

Erin Taylor
September 27 2012