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Ironman Champ Hillary Biscay on Shorter Races

Image by BONNINSTUDIO / Stocksy
October 11, 2010

World Triathlon Corporation, the owner of Ironman, the famous 141-mile triathlon, is launching a series of 13 shorter races called the 5150 series, which covers only 31.9 miles. So what do current Ironman pros think about these shorter races? Our friend and resident wellness expert, Ironman champ, Hillary Biscay weighs in saying:

Just because the 5150 races are owned by the WTC does not make them "Ironman events." The only similarity they bear to the 226-kilometer Ironman distance is that they are both triathlons. The Olympic-distance race is, for the elites, a two-hour flat-out effort; and for less experienced athletes, it may be a stepping stone to longer events like the full Ironman. So this distance makes the sport more accessible to the masses, and as long as the WTC doesn't start trying to include the word "Ironman" in the name of these events or add the m-dot the 5150 paraphernalia, I don't think this will dilute the Ironman brand.