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Ironman Champ Hillary Biscay on Shorter Races

World Triathlon Corporation , the owner of Ironman , the famous 141-mile triathlon, is launching a series of 13 shorter races called the 5150 series ,...

October 11 2010

How I Got Started as a Professional Triathlete

I won’t waste your time here with a treatise on the benefits of exercise, of getting in shape, or of having an athletic goal. Once you set foot out...

Hillary Biscay
July 6 2010

Eat Like an Ironman Champ: Q & A with Hillary Biscay

There are few athletes who enjoy training and competing as much as Ironman champion Hillary Biscay. Hillary's peers, some of the toughest athletes in...

Colleen Wachob
May 20 2010

Healthy Travel Tips From Ironman Champion, Hillary Biscay

Traveling is exhausting and it definitely kicks all of our butts. Ironman Champion Hillary Biscay spends a lot of time training and a lot of time...

Hillary Biscay
October 7 2009

Q & A with Hillary Biscay: Day in Life of the Ironman Champ

Let's just say that Hillary Biscay is not your typical triathlete. Hillary started out as a collegiate swimmer at the University of Southern...

Jason Wachob
September 11 2009