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Healthy Travel Tips From Ironman Champion, Hillary Biscay

Hillary Biscay
October 7, 2009
Hillary Biscay
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October 7, 2009

Traveling is exhausting and it definitely kicks all of our butts. Ironman Champion Hillary Biscay spends a lot of time training and a lot of time flying all over the world.

Last year, she competed in New Zealand, Brazil, Germany, and Hawaii to name a few race destinations. Here are a few of Hillary's travel tips that keep her healthy when she has to fly:

1. Protein Bars

"First, I bring a couple of protein bars and fruit to eat on the flight."

2. Water

"I also bring liter size empty bottles and beg the flight attendants to keep refilling them with water."

3. Eating Airplane Food

"If I have to order food I'll go with the vegetarian or vegan option."

4. Compression Socks

"And I always travel with compression socks. The socks really make a difference as my feet won't swell up as much on the flight."

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Hillary Biscay

There are few athletes who enjoy training and competing as much as Ironman champion and 60 -time ironman-finisher Hillary Biscay. Hillary's peers, some of the toughest athletes in the world, will even admit that Hillary eats better, trains harder, and takes care of her body like no one else. Hillary loves, in her own words — "a smashfest" — an intense training day where she tests herself physically and mentally to new limits. She is the Co-Founder of SMASH (, a women's multisport apparel company, and blogs at