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A Calming 15-Minute Yoga Flow For When You're Feeling Overwhelmed

Kristine Thomason
mbg Senior Health Editor By Kristine Thomason
mbg Senior Health Editor

Kristine Thomason is the senior health editor at mindbodygreen.

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Each and every one of us could probably use a little bit of extra calming, grounding energy in our lives right now.

In fact, that's exactly why yoga instructor, Strala Yoga founder, and mbg Collective member Tara Stiles created this 15-minute yoga flow—ideal for whenever you're feeling overwhelmed.

"This is a simple practice that will help us get into areas of ourselves that feel a bit stuck or tense," Stiles shares in the video below for mbg. "We'll listen to what our body and our emotional self is saying, then unblock that energy so we can free it up and become more stable, more strong, and more energized. And, of course, feel better."

Before you begin, Stiles encourages being thoughtful and taking care of how you start your practice. That means, finding a comfortable seated position (cross-legged, on your heels, or in a chair) and expanding from there. "Gently roll your body from side to side, or forward and back," she instructs in the video. "Move slow enough so if you come across a place that feels a little stuck or tense, hang out there for a bit, take a few deep breaths, notice how you feel, and tune in to what's going on with you."

Stiles also shares a fantastic tip to help get the most out of this flow: Listen to the places in your body that are asking for some attention, similar to how you would listen to a good friend who needs your support. "It's not even so much about the advice your friend is asking for; they really just want you to listen. When you give your friend that attention, they instantly feel better," she says. "And we can do that for ourselves by noticing what's going on with us—how nice is that?"

Check out Stiles' calming, 15-minute flow for yourself, and see just how much better you feel by the end:

If you enjoy this yoga routine, definitely check out all the additional offerings from Strala Yoga. They offer a wide variety of live and on-demand classes to choose from, including yoga, meditation, plus tai chi and qigong.

As for yoga, specifically, there are all kinds of different themed classes to best fit your daily needs and mood: workout and strength-focused yoga; flows for when you need to de-stress or find calm; prenatal yoga; energizing routines; gentle and restorative classes; and more.

So whether you need to rev your energy or wind down, Strala has a practice that will help you in the moment and carry those positive feelings throughout the rest of your day.

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