5 Wellness Products Renowned Yogi Kathryn Budig Recommends To Everyone

mbg Class Instructor & Yoga Teacher By Kathryn Budig
mbg Class Instructor & Yoga Teacher
Kathryn Budig is an internationally celebrated yoga teacher and author. She she trained at Yogaworks in Los Angeles under Maty Ezraty and Chuck Miller.

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Here at mbg, we love getting a glimpse into the habits of the biggest movers and shakers in the wellness world—and what better way to do that than by looking at the products they use on a daily basis? In our latest series, mbg Collective members spill on the tools that help them live balanced, happy, healthy lives—and that they recommend to basically everyone. Next up: Kathryn Budig, internationally celebrated yoga instructor, author, and co-host of the podcast Free Cookies who created a movement around her core spiritual message, Aim True.

Facial cups

I've always been a fan of the traditional cupping method done by my acupuncturist but recently discovered you can do the same thing for your face. I use a range of sizes (like the ones found in this set) for under the eyes and my full face that act like tiny suction cups, which you slide around so they can work their magic. They bring an immediate flush to the face, but more importantly, they do wonders for draining my lymphatic system. I've always struggled with sinus issues, so this has been a new daily ritual that has helped immensely.

Gua Sha stone

Similar to the facial cupping, I use my gua sha stone to wake up my skin and clear out my lymphatic system. I do it at the start of the day and can feel my sinuses drain immediately. Three swipes along the third eye are incredibly soothing, and the bonus: My skin looks great.

Maya Chia Highlight Of The Day

My facialist turned me on to this amazing company that happens to be based in my home of Charleston, South Carolina. Their Highlight of the Day is a super-clean serum-type formula that has a gorgeous tinted radiance to it. It not only acts as a fantastic moisturizer, but I immediately feel 10 times more attractive once I put it on. It's magic oil.

One Part Plant

Jessica Murnane is a genius. She's one of the smartest women I know (I also highly recommend her podcast, One Part Podcast), and her cookbook One Part Plant is a beautiful way to introduce more plant-based meals into anyone's diet. There's no proselytizing, just fantastic information and absolutely delicious food.

Many Lives, Many Masters

The book Many Lives, Many Masters is a crossover from physical to emotional wellness, but I recommend it to everyone I know. It's one of the most mesmerizing and comforting reads I've ever experienced, and I highly recommend it to anyone dealing with death or loss. It's a great gateway book for anyone who may not be spiritual—yet.

Kathryn Budig
Kathryn Budig
Kathryn Budig is an internationally celebrated yoga teacher and author known for her accessibility,...
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Kathryn Budig
Kathryn Budig
Kathryn Budig is an internationally celebrated yoga teacher and author...
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