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Thousand Fell's Recycled Sneakers Are So Comfy, I Can Walk 12 Miles In Them

Braelyn Wood
April 19, 2022
Braelyn Wood
mbg Deputy Commerce Editor
By Braelyn Wood
mbg Deputy Commerce Editor
Braelyn Wood is the Deputy Commerce Editor at mindbodygreen. She has a B.S. in journalism from Northwestern University, along with a certificate in marketing.
Image by Thousand Fell / Thousand Fell
April 19, 2022
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Before moving to New York City, I considered a 3-mile walk a workout—but now that mileage looks more like a typical weekday. In fact, it's not uncommon for me to log more than 20,000 steps in a day. Although I miss the convenience of a car, my hours spent strolling have given me a newfound appreciation for good weather and reliable public transportation. It's also set me up with a serious problem: finding footwear that's supportive and stylish. 

The recent influx of comfy sneaker brands has made my quest less difficult, but I've still struggled to find my perfect fit. Most designs have exteriors that are difficult to clean, or they have a long break-in period that leaves my ankles covered in blisters for weeks. But now that I've finally found a style with zero break-in time and plenty of comfort, I can't stop raving about it: the Thousand Fell Women's Lace Up.

Why Thousand Fell?

Sneakers are my go-to footwear for warm weather, and I often replace them each spring after the crisp white exterior turns cream. Understanding the negative environmental impact of my annual sneaker switch, I wanted to seek out a better option with a longer lifespan. I was initially drawn to Thousand Fell due to its "stain-proof" advertising, which claimed a natural quartz coating prevented the sneakers from getting dirty and made the shoes water-resistant. I quickly realized the brand's ethos on sustainability went much deeper. 

Thousand Fell transforms recycled water bottles into vegan leather with the help of sugar cane and coconut husks. While giving plastic water bottles a new life isn't a rare practice, the brand also runs a closed-loop recycling program. Rather than letting old sneakers go to the landfill, the brand reuses the materials to create a new pair—and gives you a $20 credit toward your next purchase. Together these practices made the company stand out as one of the most sustainable options to try, and the sleek design didn't hurt.

My first impression. 

I ordered the lace-up style right before a 10-day trip to Greece last June and hoped for the best. When the all-white style appeared at my doorstep just a week later, I immediately put them on and went for a quick test walk around the neighborhood. The shoes were undeniably comfortable; the recycled yoga mat insole was plush and supportive, hugging my foot like a memory foam pillow. My foot felt supported and stable without any unwanted movement. I decided to bring them along.

Needless to say, the sneakers lived up to my expectations. Despite days of walking more than 10 miles, I never dealt with blisters. My feet also stayed cool despite the unexpected heatwave, and I couldn't believe how easy it was to wipe away the dirt collected during a walk through ancient ruins in Athens. The durable sole also gave me plenty of traction on cobbled streets and dirt paths alike.

Although the footwear became my favorite sneakers while traveling, it continued to be my go-to long after my return. Nearly a year later, it's still the only casual sneaker I trust for walks longer than 12 miles. So even though the exterior turned out to be less stain-proof than I hoped, I still can't stop obsessing over these shoes.

Thousand Fell Women's Lace Up

The takeaway.

Finding comfortable sneakers that look as good as they feel is always going to be a struggle, but Thousand Fell's Lace Up Sneakers are the closest thing that I've found to perfection. They offer the right amount of support for long walks and require zero break-in time. And thanks to the company's closed-loop practices, giving your clothing a second life has never been easier. Now I just have to resist buying every color. 

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Braelyn Wood
mbg Deputy Commerce Editor

Braelyn Wood is the Deputy Commerce Editor at mindbodygreen. She has a B.S. in journalism from Northwestern University, along with a certificate in marketing. After interning at Bustle Digital Group and Cosmopolitan, her love of products (and a good deal) led her to the commerce space, and she joined Meredith Corporation as its first health and wellness-focused shopping writer. During this time, her byline appeared in Health, Shape, InStyle, People, and Travel Leisure, as she covered topics like workout gear, home goods, and coronavirus essentials to help shoppers lead healthier lives. In her current role, she helps readers find the best deals, uncover the latest launches, and understand which items are worth the splurge (or not) from her home in Brooklyn, New York.