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An 8-Minute No-Equipment Leg Workout You Can Do Anywhere, Anytime

Rachel Warren & Caitlin Riley
December 13, 2021
December 13, 2021

Welcome to mbg moves! We've been working out at home more than ever lately—and we know our readers are, too. To help keep your fitness routine feeling fresh, we're releasing a new at-home workout every Monday to start your week off strong. Each month will feature routines from a different incredible trainer we adore. Now, let's get moving with our spotlight trainers: Rachel Warren & Caitlin Riley.

Leg workouts don't have to be just lunges and squats with dumbbells or barbells. You can get a fantastic leg workout with just your own body weight—and a bit of dance-inspired pizzazz.

That's why we put together this 8-minute no equipment leg routine, which also challenges your hamstrings, and every part of your glutes. Inspired by the workouts we do at our studio, Forward_Space, this routine is all about combining dance, wellness, and sweat.

This quick workout is perfect to give your legs a little extra attention and to elevate your mood. Break it out any time you need a few minutes of movement—morning, noon, or night.

Your 4-week challenge: Let's dance our way to 2022! This month, we're sharing four different dance-centric routines you can do from home—each one targeting a different area of your body. We encourage you to make these fun routines part of your weekly workout schedule as often as you can—but aim for at least two to three times a week.

Workout Summary

  • Time: 8 minutes
  • Equipment: None
  • Instructions: Find demonstrations of each individual dance move & exercise below. Follow along with the video for choreography and timing.

Kick Back + Arm Reach

Image by mbg creative
  1. From a wide stance, start moving from side to side—alternate tapping your feet as you go.
  2. Then as you lean to the right side, bend your left knee, and bring it behind you. Repeat on the opposite side.
  3. Add your arms, stretching your left arm into the air as your right hand reaches behind for your foot.
  4. Continue alternating arms and legs.

Squat + Lateral Leg Lift

Image by mbg creative
  1. From a standing position, sit your hips back and lower down into a squat, bringing your hands together in front of your chest. Keep your chest proud and your core engaged.
  2. Engage your glutes to come back up to start, and immediately lift your right leg to the side, as you bring your hands out wide for balance.
  3. Sit back into your squat and repeat the movement, alternating legs each time.

Lateral Leg Lift Pulse

Image by mbg creative
  1. Start with your right foot grounding into the floor, and your left leg lifting up. Extend your right arm out for balance.
  2. Engage the side of your glutes to pulse your left leg up.
  3. Continue for as long as indicated. Repeat on the opposite side.

Squat + Brush Back Arabesque

Image by mbg creative
  1. Start in a wide stance, with feet wider than shoulder-width apart.
  2. Sit your hips back and lower into a squat. Engage your core, and keep your chest proud.
  3. As you engage your glutes and come back up to start, sweep your left leg behind your body, pointing your toe to the back wall.
  4. Bring your left foot down to the ground, and lower back into a squat.
  5. Repeat the movement, alternating legs each time.


Image by mbg creative
  1. Start in a wide stance, with your feet wider than shoulder-width apart.
  2. Sit your hips back and lower down into a squat position. Keep your core engaged and your chest proud.
  3. Engage your glutes to come back up to start. Repeat as indicated.

Squat Pulse + Heel Lift

Image by mbg creative
  1. Start in a wide squat position, with your feet farther than shoulder-width apart, toes pointed out.
  2. Sit your hips back and lower down until your thighs are nearly parallel with the ground.
  3. Lift your left heel, coming onto your toes. Pulse your body up and down slightly.
  4. Continue as indicated, then repeat on the opposite side.
Rachel Warren & Caitlin Riley author page.
Rachel Warren & Caitlin Riley
Fitness Instructors

Rachel Warren is the VP of Instructor Operations, Training and Development at FORWARD__Space, as well as a Founding Team Member and Instructor. Since her 2008 arrival to New York City, she has taught for a variety of non-profit dance organizations and fitness companies. In 2010 she became a company member with Kristin Sudeikis Dance and has had the incredible opportunity to perform at BAM, BRIC Arts Media, the Brooklyn Dance Festival and most recently at Arts on Site. As a professional dancer and seasoned teacher, Rachel seeks to share movement with generosity, clarity and a keen attention to detail—she's excited to bring the FORWARD__Space experience to mbg moves!

Caitlin Riley comes to you from Toledo, Ohio and holds a deep passion for dance, health, and wellness. After dancing competitively throughout her youth, she became a member of The Ohio State University’s Dance Team, serving as captain her senior year. She joined FORWARD__Space as an instructor in 2018 and brings her athleticism, leadership, love and FIRE to every FS sweat session.