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This May Be The Easiest & Quickest Way To Smell Good All Day 

a woman wraps herself in a towel after a shower
Image by Alexander Grabchilev / Stocksy
November 9, 2022
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Whether you have one signature scent or full-on fragrance wardrobe, we'll wager you don't want your perfume to wear off within minutes. Even if you have a travel-sized potion on your person at all times, there's just something magical about smelling delectable from sunup to sundown without a second spritz.

We have a bank of tips to make your fragrance last longer, but if you're seeking a quick, low-lift routine to follow, we've got you covered. Follow along below to smell good all day, no reapplication necessary:

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Hydrate your skin.

As a general rule of thumb: Perfume clings to hydrated skin. As celebrity makeup artist Rosie Johnston, founder of by/rosie jane, once told mbg, "Hydrated, moisturized skin is really going to hold fragrance a lot longer." That's why some beauty fans swear by spraying perfume after a shower—the notes will have an easier time clutching onto slick, slightly damp skin. Of course, you'll want to slather on a body lotion to trap in all that moisture; otherwise, all that water will evaporate into the air and leave you drier than before. And your fragrance will leave virtually no trace.

That's not to say you must always shower before spritzing. "A body oil, body lotion, or balm to hydrate will also help hold the fragrance longer as well," Cat Chen, founder of clean fragrance brand Skylar, tells mbg. Simply apply your product of choice to your pulse points, and the perfume should easily cling to those areas.

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Layer with an oil. 

Ever wondered why many fragrance brands offer perfume oils along with their potions? You see, layering a scented body oil under perfume can enhance the fragrance and keep your skin hydrated—a win-win for long-lasting fragrance.

You can either apply the same oil-fragrance duo to really maximize those notes, or choose separate products with scents that complement each other for a more complex fragrance experience. "When different scent notes hit together, then you have an even more robust collection of top, middle, and bottom notes. That definitely helps to make the fragrance last," Chen says. Here's a scented product that provides a fabulous base for fragrance layering, if you'd like to dabble.


Spray your clothing. 

Finally, you might want to give your sweater a spritz. "[Fragrance] will hold longer on the fabric than it will on your skin," Johnston says, since your scent can wear off with your sweat and natural oils throughout the day. Spraying your fabrics can really ensure you smell good all day long; plus, you'll catch a whiff every time you shuffle into your coat or opt for a midday stretch.

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The takeaway. 

If you want your signature scent to linger all day long, try these tips to increase your perfume's longevity. Hydrated skin, fragrance layering, and a quick spritz on fabrics can all ensure your elegant scent does not go unnoticed.