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How To Create A Sacred Morning, Afternoon & Bedtime Routine

July 31, 2018

Falling into a routine doesn’t necessarily sound like the most exciting thing to happen to your life. By definition, the very word “routine” implies the opposite of special, and often, it’s something to break free from, especially when it involves less-than-beneficial habits (gluing ourselves to the couch or blankly scrolling through our phones at bedtime—we’ve all been there!).

Truthfully, routines are powerful and transformative. Creating healthy and supportive routines with intentional actions can help spur on lasting positive changes in your day and in the longterm. You’ll boost your mood and become more productive, more centered, and less reactive on a daily basis, just to name some pluses of the good kind of routine.

Nourishing morning and evening routines form the parenthesis around your day. Add in a mindful afternoon ritual, and your day-to-day can transform for the better. Here are some simple ways to start living each day through a more zen lens and our picks to help you get there, all available now from the Sleep-In@Nordstrom pop-in.

1. Morning: Energize.

Photo: Nordstrom

Carve out a morning routine that will help set the tone for creativity and productivity and support you through the rest of the day. Think: Actions that energize your body and mind and create sense of calm and positivity. A deep wake-up stretch, a coffee-making ritual with Fellow’s Stagg Pour-Over Kettle that fills your mug at a steady, slow pace, even making the bed when you wake up can send your brain a powerful message: Today is a fresh, clean slate to start anew.

The beginning of the day is also a great time to check in with how we want to feel and who we want to be. Don’t worry if dedicating 20 minutes to meditation isn’t your style. Any regular morning task—like showering (we love Plant Apothecary’s Wake Up body wash) or brushing your teeth in the mirror (try Lebon’s organic-certified toothpaste for an invigorating clean)—can turn into a time of mindful reflection, a moment to set an intent or recite an anchoring or affirming mantra.

2. Afternoon: Declutter.

Photo: Nordstrom

It’s too easy to feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day. Whether you’re stressed, overwhelmed, or allowing life to simply happen around you as you try to make it to the end of the day, a ritual that gives let you reset is key.

Create more space in your afternoon routine by eliminating a few things that are zapping your energy to help keep you focused and clear minded. Maybe it’s less time scrolling through social media, or reducing the distracting (and sometimes harmful) noise around you with a Whish Sound Machine from Marpac, so you can work uninterrupted—without blocking out your environment completely. Try a gentle nudge of natural, caffeine-free energy with The Nue’s Energy Food supplement, a blend of maca, vitamin b, magnesium, and calcium that helps stabilize blood sugar and aid digestion while it’s at it. An organic herbal tea that helps reduce stress, like Lemon Lily’s Anteastress made with calming ashwagandha, is another afternoon essential on jam-packed days.

3. Bedtime: Wind down.

Photo: Nordstrom

To close out the current day and set the stage for the coming one, focus on reconnection with yourself, your partner, or family. Bedtime routines are perfect for establishing a solid selfcare regimen—a soothing bath, a nurturing skincare routine, a self-massage can suddenly take on a ceremonial feel when you approach it as a ritual.

Instill a sense of peace as you wind down by engaging your senses: Get into pajamas that feel good against your skin (our pick: anything from Sleepy Jones), gently infuse your space with calming essential oils using a minimalist diffuser like this one from Bodha, and play relaxing music. End the day celebrating what you’ve accomplished in a bed that lets you drift off into sound sleep for a perfect night’s rest. The award-winning Casper mattress was designed to do just that.

And even if the day didn’t go as planned, incorporating these rituals can help you fall asleep feeling peaceful, fulfilled, and loved. You could say there's a certain magic to them.

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