Why Orgasms Make A Great Natural Tool For Stress Relief

Feeling down? Depressed? Low energy? Maybe you have a cold coming on? Find yourself irritable and flexing your road rage muscle? Not quite yourself lately? Here's one free, fun, healthy solution for you: Have an orgasm. Yes, orgasms can be a great tool for stress relief.

Orgasms for stress relief.

The magic bullet of orgasm is a multidimensional panacea that revives and uplifts every part of your life, primarily through its stress-relieving effects. You release loads of oxytocin at climax, which makes you feel sociable, content, safe, and relaxed. In fact, oxytocin is the natural antidote to stress hormones in the body; as your oxytocin levels go up, your cortisol levels and blood pressure go down.

That oxytocin spike (along with a flood of feel-good endorphins) is associated with improved mood and fewer symptoms of anxiety and depression, among many other things. The endorphin release can also significantly relieve pain symptoms, making orgasms a great natural remedy for headaches and menstrual cramps. Orgasm strengthens your bond with your partner too: The oxytocin released at orgasm promotes bonding, deepening your sense of connection with each other. (But of course, you don't need a partner to get all the yummy benefits of orgasms!)

There are endless other benefits of orgasms outside stress relief as well. Research suggests it's good for your heart, including a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. A Wilkes University study also found people having sex once or twice a week had a 30% increase in immunoglobulin A, which strengthens immunity.


Sexual energy is healing energy.

Beyond the physical, there are also many spiritual benefits to having orgasms. Sexual energy is creative energy, and perhaps the most powerful kind. (That's the whole premise of tantric sex!) Revving up our sexual energy is not only a powerful way to summon our creative muse; it's also thought to have a healing quality.

Five thousand years ago, in ancient Taoist China, when you went to see your physician, you would receive a prescription based on your condition. Let's say, as a woman, your kidneys were deficient. You'd be given an acupuncture treatment, a pot of herbs to cook up, and instructions to go home and have sex three times a day in reverse cowgirl position for 30 days. That particular angle (exposing the kidneys) would direct healing sexual chi to the area.

I'm a firm believer in sexual medicine. In my work as an intimacy coach, I am always prescribing orgasm therapy. In fact, I suggest making it a daily supplement—with the knowledge of how incredibly healthy and balanced you are making yourself.

The French term la petite mort, or "the little death," alludes to the idea of death and rebirth through sexual climax. We all need a place to come undone. When you have this, you return to your daily life feeling rejuvenated and stronger.

In a sense, orgasm recalibrates you. It brings you back to yourself.

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