5 “Unhealthy” Foods I Wish Everyone Would Stop Demonizing

It’s hard not to be confused about what to eat these days. We have a seemingly endless food supply and a multitude of products to choose from that are heavily marketed, making processed and packaged foods the mainstay of many diets.

Farm fresh, local and seasonal foods are becoming popular, but these aren't the foods most people eat. Profit margins have become more important than taste and nutrient content when it comes to food, and we've forgotten the wisdom of our grandparents and ancestors.

In my experience, some whole foods have been wrongfully demonized and I think it's worth taking another look at these five particular foods that you thought you should be avoiding.

1. Butter (and other saturated animals fats)

Saturated fats like butter and lard are actually really important for human growth and development. In my experience, they're needed for proper organ functioning, support hormone production, healing and cell function. Saturated fats, especially fats of grass-fed animals, provide the body with many important vitamins and minerals. Ditch the margarine and highly refined vegetable oils that cause inflammation and bake with butter like your great grandma did.

2. Full fat foods

Healthy fats are necessary for the function of the thyroid gland, which when not functioning properly causes low metabolism and weight gain. Low fat diets make you crave carbohydrates which make many people gain weight. Children and pregnant women especially need healthy fats for growth and development.

Instead of low-fat and diet foods, use whole, natural foods that contain the fats you need to prevent overeating and a promote a healthy metabolism.

3. Whole milk

The best milk comes from cows that live outside and eat green grass. Unprocessed milk, meaning it hasn't been pasteurized or homogenized, is called “raw milk.”

If you have problems with conventional processed milk, I would suggest connecting with a local farmer and getting your hands on some raw whole milk.

Editor's Note: Unpasteurized raw milk is not deemed safe by the FDA, as pasteurization is meant to kill harmful bacteria. Seek out organic grass-fed milk as an alternative.

4. Bread

OK, stick with me as we tread through this tricky subject.

Yes, most commercially available yeasted breads are unhealthy. But even if you think you're sensitive to gluten, you may find it much easier to digest fermented, sourdough bread.

Sourdough fermentation is a traditional method which lowers the level of “anti-nutrients” found in grains that block digestion and irritate the intestinal tract. In sourdough breads, gluten and phytic acid (two of the components that make grains potentially harmful) are reduced, and vitamin and mineral content is increased.

Let’s face it, we eat too much bread and baked goods. My advice would be to reduce your consumption of bread, but when you do eat it, go for sourdough breads and enjoy!

5. Eggs

We’ve been brainwashed to think we must resort to egg white omelettes, which is a shame because whole eggs are among the most nutritious foods on the planet.

Eggs are chock full of high quality protein and contain all the essential amino acids. They're a great source of antioxidants and choline, which most people don’t get enough of.

Eggs taste great and are quite inexpensive, so I wouldn't be afraid to eat them.

The most important thing is to ditch the food giants and their hyped-up packaged foods. The key to health and well-being is sourcing unprocessed foods that are of the highest quality — eat real foods.

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