3 Reasons A Morning Routine Will Change Your Life

Written by Mike Iamele

What’s the first thing you do in the morning? Check your e-mail? Go on Facebook? Start working? If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, then whatever you do before breakfast is even more important, and the way you start your mornings sets the tone for the entire day. The way you live your days sets the tone for your entire life.

When we immediately start focusing on others, we set the precedent that we’ll always put others before ourselves.

Want to make one change that will have a huge impact on your life? Get a morning routine. Trust me, it’s worth getting up 30 minutes earlier. Whether it’s working out, meditating, taking a gratitude stroll, cooking a hearty breakfast, or even journaling — a morning routine will change your life.

Don’t believe me? Here are three reasons why you need a morning routine:

1. It starts your day focused on you.

Before you answer e-mails or wake the kids up for school or even begin to think about work, you’ve got time to focus on yourself. You consistently remind yourself that you’ve got to take care of yourself first before you can possibly be effective at helping others.

People who consistently practice a morning routine notice that they gain higher self-esteem and set stronger boundaries because they're reminded of the need for self-care every day.

2. You have to drop the perfectionism.

Perfectionists don’t continue to get back on the horse every time they get knocked off. When you do the same thing every morning, it doesn’t matter if you royally messed up today. Maybe you ran really slowly this morning or you burned the eggs. It doesn’t matter. You’re going to get up again tomorrow and do it all over again.

Morning routines teach us how to be persistent — how to keep pushing through failures. The fear of failure can’t hold you back, because if you do it every day, you’re inevitably going to fail once in a while. But that’s OK. You’ve got a routine, so you just get up the next day and do it again.

3. Morning routines are a reset button.

No matter how horrible the night before was, you know that you’ll have a reset button in the morning. The morning routine becomes an almost mindless activity to start every day. It becomes a ritual. It becomes a meditation.

You begin to look forward to time to yourself where you can just let go of the stress from the day before and do your morning routine. It’s your time to unwind and relax, no matter what else is going on in your life.

We have all day long to focus on others—and we usually spend most of it doing just that. So why not set aside 30 minutes every day for yourself? Why not start every day reminding yourself that you’re most important?

When you wake up every morning and consistently strive to improve yourself, you reduce stress, gain confidence, and learn persistence.

Maybe it’s just me, but that seems like a pretty good reason to start a morning routine.

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