24 Articles by Jenni Gritters, M.S.

Jenni Gritters, M.S.

Mindfulness Can Help Us Process Fear More Rationally, Study Finds

Can we train our brains to not overreact to fear stimuli?

Jenni Gritters, M.S.
October 17 2019

Everything You've Ever Wanted To Know About Going To Couples Therapy

Couples therapy isn't just for when your relationship is falling apart.

Jenni Gritters, M.S.
October 13 2019

What Your Spending Habits Say About Your Personality Type

Spending a lot on travel? Here's what that says about you...

Jenni Gritters, M.S.
July 21 2019

New Study Finds Air Pollution May Be Affecting Your Fertility

If you're planning to try to get pregnant any time soon, consider your environment.

Jenni Gritters, M.S.
June 25 2019

Working Long Hours Every Day? It Could Affect Your Heart Health

More than 10 hours in the office might not be worth the long-term consequences.

Jenni Gritters, M.S.
June 20 2019

This Personality Type Might Be More Likely To Experience Burnout

Can your childhood experiences affect how you respond to stress at work?

Jenni Gritters, M.S.
May 31 2019

This Is How Couples Can Maintain A Strong Relationship After Baby

As it turns out, this one starts with helping out new fathers.

Jenni Gritters, M.S.
May 16 2019

3 Personality Types Linked To Social Anxiety, According To Research

Turns out, extroverts aren't always the social butterflies we make them out to be!

Jenni Gritters, M.S.
March 31 2019

Your Work Schedule Might Be Putting You At Risk For Depression

New research suggests you really need to protect your downtime.

Jenni Gritters, M.S.
February 25 2019