Tiffany Lester, M.D.

Functional Medicine Doctor

Tiffany Lester, M.D. is the National Clinical Director of Community at Parsley Health San Francisco, a groundbreaking new medical practice that focuses on nutrition, prevention, and wellness. She received her bachelor's in psychology and biology from the University of Missouri, Columbia, and her medical degree from the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. Lester combines the best of both conventional and functional medicine, navigating the complexity of the body to get to the root cause of disease. She is passionate about healing chronic disease through whole foods and teaching people how simple, small shifts can have an enormous impact on their fatigue, stress, and pain levels.

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What is your wellness philosophy?

Simplicity is healing. While I absolutely geek out on all the fancy testing from the microbiome to genetics to neurotransmitters, focusing on the foundation is key. The foundational pillars of healing most chronic disease with a plant-based diet, consistent exercise, quality time with loved ones, and adequate sleep. Returning to the basics of health can often heal better than any fancy test, supplement, or even medication.

What brought you into wellness?

Watching my mother get diagnosed with a debilitating, chronic health condition when I was in middle school was an eye-opener. Seeing firsthand how a seemingly, healthy ambitious woman's life can change almost overnight. This started my journey into medicine however I quickly became disillusioned during medical school. While my training was excellent, it didn't address lifestyle factor like proper nutrition, supplement selection, or managing high levels of chronic stress. This lead me to seek training in functional medicine and acupuncture/Chinese medicine. Combining the best of each of these eastern and western philosophies has ultimately led me into being the type of doctor that treats the whole person, not just one part.

What does You. We. All. mean to you?

That we all have a collective responsibility to heal each other. That we each bring our own unique gifts to the sphere of wellness. And that we can heal faster and more completely if we all work together as a community.

What renews you?

Water. Whether it's drawing a relaxing bath at night or spending time at the beach, water is the ultimate source of renewal for me. I'm still working on actually drinking enough of it though!