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Amy Jirsa, LMT

2 Powerful Healing Plants That Can Be Found In Your Backyard

Most of us know that herbs are weeds. Similar to the fact that we're all human and simply temporary visitors on the planet, we're also fierce,...

Amy Jirsa, LMT
June 29 2015

DIY: Make Your Own Tea With Summer Herbs

This fun tutorial will show you how to create your very own herbal tea blends right at home.

Amy Jirsa, LMT
August 12 2014

How To Do Warrior 1 (Cute Infographic!)

Whenever my students have a pose they absolutely cannot stand, it’s almost inevitably Warrior I (Virabhadrasana I). And, for a long time, that always...

Amy Jirsa, LMT
August 4 2014

How To Do Triangle Pose (Cute Infographic!)

Extended Triangle Pose is one of my favorites. It’s so dynamic — twisting, stretching, balancing — it’s akin to that first fabulous stretch you...

Amy Jirsa, LMT
July 23 2014

How To Do Downward Dog (Cute Infographic!)

I have a slight curvature to my spine, because I have scoliosis. It's always made downward dog a frustrating pose for me.

Amy Jirsa, LMT
July 11 2014

A Simple Morning Sequence To Open Your Heart

No matter how much joy we try to find in our lives, no matter how present we are in as many moments as possible, sometimes it’s just, well, hard to...

Amy Jirsa, LMT
June 24 2014

3 Delicious Ways To Get More Herbs In Your Life

I’m a big believer in the rewards system. I set up rewards for everything — a completed day of work, a good night’s rest, taking time to notice...

Amy Jirsa, LMT
March 31 2014

Anxious? 4 Ways Aromatherapy Can Help

Aromatherapy is the fastest way out of your head and into a better mood. The sense of smell is one powerful message-delivery system, as you've...

Amy Jirsa, LMT
February 15 2014

4 Herbs For Peace In Mind & Body

Herbs! Begin to soothe the nervous system and adapt to stress, making anxiety the last reaction, rather than the first. Herbs work (especially if...

Amy Jirsa, LMT
December 24 2013

DIY: How To Store & Make Your Own Herbal Remedies

Back in the olden days (and even in the not-so-olden past and present homesteading days), a stillroom was a necessity in every rural home. This was a...

Amy Jirsa, LMT
November 21 2013

10-Minute Yoga Sequence For A Strong & Flexible Spine

To paraphrase Kundalini Yoga Master Yogi Bhajan, “You may die, but you will never grow old if your spine stays flexible.” I buy that. Just from my own...

Amy Jirsa, LMT
November 7 2013

10-Minute Yoga Sequence For Relaxation

There’s nothing better, really, after a long, long day than a little ten minute yoga sequence in which we can breathe, unwind (literally), and...

Amy Jirsa, LMT
October 17 2013

Got An Earache? Mullein Oil To The Rescue!

It's almost fall, and you know what that means. One of these mornings, you'll wake up with that oh-so-familiar, terrible, telltale pain of an ear...

Amy Jirsa, LMT
September 13 2013

An Herb A Day To Keep The Dentist Away

Okay. Corny title of this article aside, I really, really hate going to the dentist. Seriously. I’ll balance on my hands, get a tenth tattoo, schedule...

Amy Jirsa, LMT
July 5 2013

6 All-Natural Antivirals To Kick Illness To The Curb

During this time of year, we talk a lot about allergies: what we can do to up the body’s defenses, mitigate symptoms, and so on. But what we often...

Amy Jirsa, LMT
April 23 2013

Why Herbs (Sometimes) Don’t Work

One of the biggest and most frequent complaints I get (and read) about herbal remedies is that they don’t work.

Amy Jirsa, LMT
March 26 2013