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How This Yoga Superstar Overcame Anxiety & Depression

​"Yoga allows me the space to see that the good and the bad of life are supposed to happen."

Leigh Weingus
April 11 2017

What A Serious Injury Taught Me About Yoga (That Everyone Should Know)

Yes, spending some time off the mat really is a good thing.

Maya Talisa
November 5 2016

Core Strength and Jumping Back From Bakasana

Arm balances are a test of mental, physical and emotional endurance. Bakasana or Crow Posture provides an endless road to strength. Once you can...

Kino MacGregor
September 7 2012

7 Things You Need to Know About Backbends

When people hear about the backbends of yoga they often envision a contortionist with their head resting on their buttocks. Bending backward looks...

Heather Morton
March 22 2012

Pick-Me-Up Sequence

This energizing 10-15 minute flowing sequence is designed to invigorate any time you might need a little pick me up. You can hold each posture for a...

Jennifer Jarrett
March 5 2012

5 Ways to Get in a Ten-Minute Yoga Practice

There are no hard and fast rules about the length of time one must practice yoga. Some days all you can find time for is a very condensed practice....

Nancy Alder
February 6 2012

How to Jump Back From Sitting (Video)

Jumping back from a seated position is one of the most challenging movements in the Ashtanga Yoga method. I can still remember the feeling when I...

Kino MacGregor
December 13 2011

An Offering of the Heart: Expanding Compassion While Exploring Challenging Asanas

For some of us learning advanced or challenging yoga poses can be a freeing, fun and liberating experience from the get go, but for many of us, they...

Noelle Beaugureau
October 4 2011

Yoga Poses for Your Core

Looking to tone up your abs? These yoga poses will help strengthen your core and get you beach ready! There's even a "Fat Blaster" yoga sequence...

Michael Taylor
June 9 2010