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5 Things You Need To Know Today (July 27, 2017)

All the wellness news for today, including the high suicide rates in U.S. military veterans and how Cate Blanchett just changed the game for actresses...

Allison Daniels
July 27 2017

Are You Getting Too Much Salt Or Not Enough?

Everything you need know know about salt and your health.

Dr. Allana Polo
December 23 2016

How To Season Your Food, Sans The Salt

Most Americans consume much more sodium than the daily recommended amount. Here are some of my favorite tips for reducing salt intake and flavoring...

Jennifer Glockner
March 24 2016

How 4 Key Survival Traits Hurt Our Health Today: A Doctor Explains

The four traits that helped our ancestors survive collectively explain more than 40 percent of deaths in the United States today.

Dr. Lee Goldman
February 2 2016

Want To Become A Better Cook? A Personal Chef Reveals Her Secrets

The Dilemma: You love to cook, but your kitchen looks like a tornado when you're finished. You find a recipe, buy the ingredients and start to cook....

Brigitte Theriault
October 8 2014

5 Snacks You Think Are Healthy But Aren't

As a nutrition company, we spend a lot of time talking to people about their health, mostly about the challenges of trying to maintain a healthy diet....

July 16 2014

6 Foods That Have WAY Too Much Sodium

In recent months, there's been a lot of talk about the dangers of eating too much sugar or fat, but it seems like everyone forgot to address salt. I'd...

Joel Kahn, M.D.
June 20 2014

3 Tips To Tame Your Salt Cravings

Last time I wrote, I offered 3 healthy, nutrient rich alternatives to help those of you with a mad sugar addiction kick the habit to the curb. I don’t...

Nykki Hardin
June 2 2014

Why Everyone Should Try An Epsom Salt Bath

Lately, I’ve really been trying to manage my stress in healthy ways. I like yoga, reading, and long walks, but I needed other simple techniques....

Jen Broyles
May 31 2014

Want Beautiful Skin On A Budget? Raid Your Kitchen!

Time and time again, I've ditched expensive skin care products and returned to the power of nature in order to nourish my skin.

Kai Rikken
March 27 2014

Why You Might Need More Salt (Yes, You Read That Right)

Giving in to those salt cravings once in a while may actually make you feel better.

Irene Ross
July 12 2013

What Are Your Cravings Trying To Tell You?

We've all had those longings for something sweet, salty or fried. Cravings are usually for the not-so-healthy variety of food, and they come when we...

Nikki Knudsen
June 7 2013

What Is Adrenal Fatigue & Do You Have It?

Adrenal fatigue is becoming more and more common in our hectic, fast-paced society, and you may have heard the term thrown around a few times....

Jen Broyles
June 3 2013

Are You & Your Body Ready For Summer?

Summer means longer days, warmer weather, barbecues, and weekends spent at the beach or pool. It's also a friendly reminder that bathing suit season...

Melissa Green
June 3 2013

Soak-The-Day-Away Detoxifying Bath Recipe

Self-care is paramount to living well. As a Certified Health Coach, I talk daily to people who want to know how to live healthy lifestyles. One of the...

Elizabeth Rider
April 18 2013

Vegan Recipe: Decadent Cheese Fries

If you’re following a vegan diet, I bet you figured your days of indulging in cheese fries were over. Wrong!

Hayley Hobson
March 5 2013

Home Alone? 5 Healthy Eating Strategies For The Single Gal

Full disclosure: I'm writing this as a married woman. But rest assured, I've spent my share of evenings (almost 15 years' worth) eating a bowl of...

Kristen Hallett Rzasa
March 1 2013

How to Lose Weight Mindfully and Quickly During the Holidays

I'm not a fan of the word diet. I encourage people to flip the letters and instead, use the word edit. Edit your food choices.

Chris Freytag
November 28 2012