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DIY Reflexology: 7 Points For Your Best Workout

Reflexology is the art of applying pressure to “reflex points” on the hands, face, ears, and feet, which brings balance to all of your organs, glands,...

Laura Norman, M.S., LMT
September 17 2015

How Reflexology Can Help You Have Great Sex. Yes, Really

You’d be surprised what some footwork can do for your sex life! No, not dancing — I’m talking about the amazing benefits of reflexology. It gets you...

DIY Foot Reflexology: 7 Pressure Points To Relieve Seasonal Allergies

Has spring greeted you with sniffling, sneezing, congestion and runny, itchy eyes, nose and throat? Experts say that this allergy season is more...

DIY Foot Reflexology: 7 Pressure Points To Reduce Stress & Boost Metabolism

Your thoughts and visualizations affect the world around you — starting with your body. If your goal is the best possible version of yourself, picture...

Laura Norman, M.S., LMT
April 23 2015

Why Everyone Should Try Reflexology

Stress is our internal response to external changes and challenges, whether real or imagined — a deadline at work, an upcoming dinner with the...

Laura Norman, M.S., LMT
February 4 2015

5 Reasons to Run Barefoot

There’s so much to gain and so little to lose.

Doug Tedeschi
July 11 2012