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Why You Don't Need To Suffer To Get What You Really Want In Life

I have a client who's more than a little attached to winning an Oscar. She dreams about her acceptance speech, and what her life will be like...

Emily Fletcher
April 16 2015

6 Simple Ways To Be More Present In Your Relationships

Life can pass by at a dizzying pace. If we aren't conscious of being present, we can miss a lot in the moment. Mindfulness dictates we do the...

F. Emelia Sam, DDS
March 18 2015

A Grounding Yoga Pose To Activate Your Chakras

Tree Pose (Vriksasana) is a popular balancing pose we practice in yoga. It's also a strengthening pose that can be challenging on its own, or built...

Lisa Peters
March 3 2015

12 Practices To Feel More Peaceful & Present Each Morning

What we do and how we feel in the morning can have a significant impact on the rest of our day. Have you ever experienced a "bad day spiral"? When one...

Elyse Gorman
January 20 2015

5 Signs You're Addicted To Stress

I consider myself to be a former stress addict. Just a few years ago, I was stressed out all the time and thought that was the way life was supposed...

Nicole Liloia, LCSW
January 2 2015

8 Reasons Mistakes Are Really Opportunities

One way to overcome the feelings of guilt and shame that come with mistakes is to conceive of them as opportunities for growth.

Lauren Stahl
December 19 2014

5 Simple Changes To Make Your Sex Life Hotter Than Ever

Sex, sex, sex. It's everywhere. A lot of the time, we rarely stop to consider sex enough, other than to think, "Oooh, I want it," or, "Ugh, not...

Cyndi Darnell
December 5 2014

What Your 5 Senses Can Teach You About Mindfulness

We define mindfulness as, "a mental state achieved by focusing one's awareness on the present moment."

Linda Katz
November 25 2014

3 Ways To Get More Out Of Your Exercise Routine By Changing Your Mindset

How many times have you gone through the motions of your exercise routine without being fully present? When our mind is focused on something...

Alexa Carlin
November 24 2014

10 Reasons To Slow Down Your Life

Our need for more and our constantly being in a hurry takes us out of the present moment.

Lauren Stahl
November 19 2014

Here's Why You Struggle To Stay Present

We spend most of our energy rehashing the past or rehearsing the future.

Erin Olivo, PhD, MPH
November 13 2014

You Can't Be Happy If You're Unwilling To Be Sad

Stop trying so hard. The message came to me in meditation. I was trying so hard to reach a specific goal, but fell short of my expectation. I fell...

Shannon Kaiser
October 25 2014

10 Ways To Fit Fun Into A Busy Day

A lot of us are crazy busy, constantly jumping from task to task. While it's nice to get a lot done, the truth is that when we’re on our deathbeds,...

Rachel Rofé
October 2 2014

3 Great Reasons To Make Sure You're Connected To Your Breath

As a physician entering a yoga studio for the first time more than 10 years ago, I will never forget my confusion upon hearing the words, "Connect to...

Romie Mushtaq, M.D.
September 9 2014

7 Ways To Be A Healthy, Happy & Mindful Mama

In my effort to be the best mom I can be, below are seven simple, yet effective tips I try to incorporate into my daily life.

Molly Sims
August 26 2014