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6 Awesome Health Benefits Of Using A Foam Roller

Yes, your foam roller can help you get rid of cellulite.

Lauren Roxburgh
September 6 2016

Why "Text Neck" Is Wrecking Your Spine + How To Fix It

Technology is changing the world almost daily — we just have to make sure we are helping our bodies and routines to change as well.

The 4 Best Exercises To Do Daily If You Have An Office Job

If typing all day long is getting you down, here's what you need to do.

Elyse Sparkes
July 12 2016

The Simple Mistake Almost Everyone Makes At Spin Class (And How To Fix It)

Imagine that your "cheeks" have headlights on them, and shine them at the bike behind you.

Cassie Piasecki
June 25 2016

The 2 Yoga Postures You Need To Open Tight Hips

They're great for runners, cyclists, or anyone who sits at a desk all day.

Caley Alyssa
June 12 2016

3 Easy Exercises To Improve Your Posture (You Can Even Do Them At Work!)

You can balance out hours of computer work with these three simple moves designed to open the chest, strengthen the upper back, and release tension in...

Abby Suskin
May 23 2016

Yoga Poses You Can Do While Binge-Watching Netflix

Lazing on the couch shouldn't feel like work, but it also shouldn't leave your body feeling terrible.

Francesca Bove
May 12 2016

An Easy Barre Exercise To Improve Your Posture

Barre3 founder Sadie Lincoln takes us through a one-minute exercise to build a neutral posture and strong physique.

Sadie Lincoln
May 2 2016

3 Questions To Help You Find Your Perfect Way To Sweat

You know you should be working out, but how do you know what activity you should be doing?

Michelle Rodriguez
April 20 2016

The ONE Posture Trick That Will Get You Whatever You Want

It's called the "Kindly Brontosaurus," and it's nothing short of magic.

Emi Boscamp
November 25 2015

5 Tips For Perfect Posture At A Standing Desk (Photo)

It's no surprise that sitting at your desk for eight hours a day isn't great for your body (in fact, studies suggest it's slowly killing us). If...

Gabrielle Frank
October 12 2015

5 Tips For Perfect Posture When You Sit (Photo)

There's not one perfect way to sit — everyone's body is a little different, so a "perfect" posture will likely vary from person-to-person. Though...

Gabrielle Frank
September 29 2015

Get Confidence Quick! These Tricks Can Help

I was backstage, about to give a presentation, and as each new person sat down my anxiety increased while my confidence plummeted.

Annalicia Lynn
July 20 2015

Improve Your Posture & End Back Pain With These 7 Lifestyle Changes

As a private chef and professional in the food industry, having a bad back is more than just an occupational hazard. The first time I threw mine out,...

Phoebe Lapine
June 26 2015

6 Exercises To Strengthen Your Core & Improve Posture

Your core is the center unit of your entire body. It stabilizes your spine, pelvis, ribs and shoulders, so it's no surprise that the stronger your...

Nicola Reilly
June 5 2015

How "Perfect" Posture Can Hurt You (And What You Can Do About It)

Perfect posture is a myth. If I asked you to sit up like this (I do my best impression of an Army sergeant) all day long, you would eventually hurt.

Laura Di Franco, MPT
June 4 2015

How To Prevent Lower Back Pain In 10 Minutes Or Less

From a simple muscle strain to slipped or bulging spinal discs, there are a number of things that can cause lower back pain. Unfortunately, one of the...

Mark Williams
May 28 2015