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Skip The Resolutions This New Year. Instead, Set Intentions

Select a word that means something to you, and let it guide you this year.

Jeanette Schneider
December 26 2018

How To Turn Your Intentions Into Real Lasting Habits

Crossing things off your to-do list can help you get things done.

Jeffrey Egler, M.D.
January 21 2017

The Only Questions You Need To Define Your Brand's Mission

They are not easy to answer, but it's an essential exercise.

October 11 2016

How Crystals Can Help You Stay Connected To Your Intentions

Follow this simple four-step process to create crystal-clear intentions.

Nisonja McGary
March 31 2016

How To Harness The Power Of Tonight's Sky With A New Moon Circle

New Moons represent beginning. They are for planting seeds and setting intentions for our dreams, goals and wishes.

Danielle Beinstein
February 8 2016

6 Choices To Make 2016 Your Most Wonderful Year

Resolutions that can empower rather than make you feel pressured and guilty.

Dr. Elisa Medhus
January 7 2016

5 Holistic Tricks To Improve Your Mood Instantly + Raise Your Vibration

Who doesn’t want to feel better instantly? When we feel lousy, we often behave or act in ways that can set us back from our health and wellness goals....

Marci Baron
August 18 2015

What Is A Sankalpa Practice + How Can It Help You Live With Intention?

Let’s be honest, the hustle and bustle of daily life can distract even the most calm and focused person. From our mounting to-do lists and important...

Catriona Pollard
May 25 2015

The Power Behind Setting An Intention In Yoga

Setting an intention or dedication for your yoga practice acts like a metaphor to translate your practice off your mat and into your life. It is a...

Ahlia Hoffman
May 12 2015

9 Ways To Live With More Intention

It’s a small yet substantial shift in perspective that is easier to achieve than you might think.

Lee Crutchley
May 11 2015