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What Does The Science Say About Yoga For Pain?

In pain? Head to your mat.

Gretchen Lidicker
June 30 2017

Never Tried Pilates? Strengthen Your Core And Get Flexible Now With These 5 Easy Moves

They'll also make your posture ridiculously good.

Kristin McGee
June 27 2017

Want A Stronger Back? Do These 5 Simple Moves Every Day

These exercises will give you a stronger spine for life.

Kelsey J. Patel
May 4 2017

7 Things You Need To Know Today (March 24)

All the wellness news you need to know today, including Lena Dunham's surprising beauty secret, the truth about alcohol and heart disease, and what...

Leigh Weingus
March 24 2017

Dealing With Back Pain? Try These Simple Stretches

Game changer.

Dr. Sejal Shah
November 22 2016

Why "Text Neck" Is Wrecking Your Spine + How To Fix It

Technology is changing the world almost daily — we just have to make sure we are helping our bodies and routines to change as well.

Dr. Marina Dabcevic
August 31 2016

A 1-Minute Routine To Get Rid Of Lower Back Pain

Happy back, happy life.

Lauren Roxburgh
August 19 2016

The One Foam Rolling Exercise You Should Be Doing But Probably Aren't

Sometimes you just have to foam roll it out.

Lauren Roxburgh
August 18 2016

The One (Fun!) Move That Nixes Back Pain & Improves Core Strength

Build core strength and flexibility the quick, enjoyable way.

Brianne Grogan
April 13 2016

5 Stretches To Make A Long Flight (Or Day At Your Desk) Totally Pain-Free

Spring brings with it a busy travel season filled with tropical vacations and tons of wedding travel. And with travel comes hours of sitting in...

Katherine Greiner
March 30 2016

This Might Be The Natural Solution To Chronic Back Pain

It may be more effective—and last longer—than traditional physical therapy and medication for treating chronic back pain.

Emi Boscamp
March 22 2016

3 Therapy Ball Moves To Relieve Lower Back Pain

One of these soft-tissue conditioning moves may help change your relationship with your back.

Jill Miller
February 29 2016

The Everyday Item That's Causing You Serious Back Pain And How To Stop It

Like most people, you probably stuff your handbag with enough supplies to carry you through any situation. A walletful of membership cards. Reading...

Dr. Todd Sinett
September 17 2015

10 Natural Ways To Keep Sitting All Day From Ruining Your Back

Our sedentary lifestyle is one of the biggest reasons for rampant musculoskeletal pain. After all, cavemen ran to hunt and gather — and generally...

Dr. Todd Sinett
July 27 2015

Uh Oh: Standing May Be Just As Bad For You As Sitting Is

After seeing headline after headline about how sitting is killing you, you finally did it. You got a standing desk. Well, you might want to sit down...

Emi Boscamp
July 15 2015

What I Wish More People Understood About Back Pain

I am an orthopedic spine surgeon who has been performing complex spine surgery since 1986. But from my very first year in practice, it was clear to me...

Dr. David Hanscom
July 2 2015

Improve Your Posture & End Back Pain With These 7 Lifestyle Changes

As a private chef and professional in the food industry, having a bad back is more than just an occupational hazard. The first time I threw mine out,...

Phoebe Lapine
June 26 2015

You Don't Have To Live With Back Pain. This Might Be The Answer

I have been an osteopath for 15 years and a yoga teacher for 20, and I've treated hundreds of patients with back pain. The longer I've worked with...

Coby Langford
June 18 2015

How "Perfect" Posture Can Hurt You (And What You Can Do About It)

Perfect posture is a myth. If I asked you to sit up like this (I do my best impression of an Army sergeant) all day long, you would eventually hurt....

Laura Probert
June 4 2015

5 Tips To Get Posture You're Proud Of

About 12 years ago, back when you had to wait to develop film before you see your pictures, I was anxiously awaiting some photos of a girls' weekend...

Annalicia Lynn
April 24 2015