Not In The Mood For Sex? Try These Yoga Poses

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mbg Contributor
Claire Grieve is an international yoga specialist, stretch therapist, plant-based health coach and wellness writer based out of Beverly Hills.

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Daily life can leave you feeling stressed, tense, and lethargic. Not exactly the kind of energy that you want to bring into the bedroom. The good news is that you can shift your emotions and loosen up your body to help get you in the mood in just a matter of minutes. It's as simple as doing a few quick, easy yoga poses!

Yoga has so many benefits that translate into the bedroom–it can get the blood flowing throughout your body, it can release stress, boost serotonin, and it can help you to feel strong, sexy, and confident, just to name a few.

So if you are having a hard time getting in the mood, try this short and sweet yoga flow to tune in to your own body and spice up your love life.

Forward Fold

A forward fold will definitely get your blood flowing. While you're doing it, try to calm your mind and let go of all the day's stresses. The increased oxygen and blood flow will give you a youthful and energized glow so that you can confidently take on a bedroom session.

How to: Stand in mountain pose with both feet planted firmly on the ground, hands on your hips. Exhale and slowly fold forward from your hip joints, lengthening the front of your torso. Bend your elbows and hold onto each elbow with your opposite hand. Lightly sway from side-to-side if it feels good. Hold for 1 minute.

Low Lunge

This pose will help you to activate your sacral chakra—the energy center that guides sex and intimate love. It will also open and deeply stretch the front thighs and pelvis.


How to: Starting in downward-facing dog, step your right foot between your hands with your knee aligned over your ankle at a 90-degree angle. Rest your back knee down onto the mat. Your hips should be square; make sure to tuck your tailbone. Inhale, lengthen your torso, and sweep your arms up to the sky or rest them on the front thigh.

Low Lunge With Twist

Adding a twist to this pose will lengthen and strengthen the muscles along the spine. It will also help you to remove energy blockages, which in turn will leave you feeling revitalized and ready for a steamy session between the sheets.


How to: Starting in low lunge, place your hands in prayer position at heart center and gently twist your torso open toward the right leg. Hook your left elbow over your right knee and use it as a lever to open your torso. Hold here for 5 breaths. Repeat on both sides.

Reclined Big Toe Stretch

Not only can this stretch improve your flexibility over time, but it also can release tension, stress, and emotional baggage. This will allow you to walk into the bedroom with fresh energy.


How to: Start by lying on your back. Lift your right leg up to the ceiling and grasp onto your big toe. If you can't reach your toes, it's totally fine to use a strap. Flex the foot of your extended leg on the floor. Press your thigh down and make sure not to let the hips lift. On your elevated leg, press up through your heel and draw your toes back.


Pigeon pose provides a deep stretch for your hips by opening your lower body. We hold a lot of tension and emotion in our hips, so this can help release that.


How to: Starting in downward-facing dog, bring your right knee forward to the ground and place it in line with your right hand. Your shin should be parallel to the front of your mat. Extend your left leg back, and rest your knee and top on the foot on the ground. Square your hips and fold forward, resting your forehead on your hands. If your hip doesn't touch the floor, you can prop yourself up using a block. Hold the pose for 2 to 5 minutes on each side.

Downward-Facing Dog

Downward-facing dog is a total-body energizing pose that will start to increase your flexibility, open your hips, and get the blood flowing to your pelvic region.


How to: From a forward fold, place your hands on the ground shoulder-distance apart. Walk your feet back so that your body is in the shape of a "V." Activate your arms and draw your site bones up and back. Press your heels firmly toward the ground. Relax your head and neck while gazing back toward your feet.

Upward-Facing Dog

Upward-facing dog is a beautiful heart opener that will lift your energy and your self-confidence. It also opens up the energy of the heart chakra—the energy center that rules love and happiness.

How to: Stand in mountain pose with both feet planted firmly on the ground, hands on your hips. Exhale and slowly fold forward from your hip joints, lengthening the front of your torso. Bend your elbows and hold on to each elbow with your opposite hand. Lightly sway from side to side if it feels good. Hold for 1 minute.

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