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A Supplement To Ease & Prevent Forehead Lines For Smooth Skin

August 18, 2020

There are different types of fine lines that crease along the face: smile lines, crow's feet, sleep lines, and so on. These lines are a natural part of skin—yes, young plump skin, too. Even when children smile, they get little wrinkles around their eyes, no? So, yes, creases and lines are part of a well-functioning face. 

What people typically get concerned about is when said lines seem to settle in, causing permanent wrinkles that only seem to get deeper. These, again, are a totally natural outcome of age; nothing to get too worked up about. But many of us still would rather do what we can to encourage smoother, taut skin. 

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One area of skin that comes up frequently is the forehead. 

Forehead wrinkles: What can you do?

These horizontal wrinkles etch above the brow, forming from repeated muscle movement in the area. It's not necessarily the movement that's the problem, however. Instead, it's the fact that with age comes a loss of collagen, elastin, ceramides, and other major parts of our skin structure. And as we lose these vital skin components, our epidermis isn't as able to bounce back from these movements. And thus, permanent lines settle in.

Once you get to this point, it becomes much more challenging to reverse it. And so, like most things in health, prevention is the best form of care. But how does one prevent forehead wrinkles in general? A good skin care lineup is vital, of course, but so is how you care for skin internally. 

A supplement to help forehead wrinkles. 

One simple, daily way you can maintain smooth skin internally is with a skin-supporting supplement. Reach for those with smart, complementing actives, as they work in tandem to enhance the complex nature of skin structure.

For example, we love phytoceramides. Ceramides are part of our natural structure of skin: They are the part that keeps the epidermis hydrated, supple, and plump. Supporting your ceramides with phytoceramide supplements can help that barrier stay strong, warding off wrinkles and other signs of aging.* The anti-aging powers of phytoceramides have been borne out in studies, showing improved skin smoothness and elasticity1 in just weeks.*

You'll also want to protect your skin from environmental aggressors (thereby helping protect skin from premature aging). One of the most trendy ways is through astaxanthin, a powerful antioxidant that helps fight free radicals from pollution and sun exposure. Free radicals, we know, are some of the leading causes of wrinkles and fine lines as they break down vital skin care structural components.

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The takeaway. 

Wrinkles may be a natural part of life and aging, but if you find yours to be developing a bit deeper than you'd like, there's plenty you can do. One of the most effective ways to support skin internally is through supplementation, especially if you have one that has complementary actives that work together to enhance a strong barrier function.     

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Alexandra Engler
Alexandra Engler
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