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The Cute & Compostable Phone Case That Helped Me Stop Cracking Screens

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June 2, 2022
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Unless you've never dropped a thing in your life, the reality is, you need a phone case—simple as that. And as someone who has broken one too many phones, I've had to face that reality the hard way. Luckily, since I purchased a Pela phone case two years ago (yep, two whole years!), I've yet to face the dreaded cracked screen.

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Yes, I really have cracked four phone screens.

Over the course of roughly seven years, I managed to crack four phone screens. Embarrassing, I know—but what can I say? Most recently, it was the beginning of the pandemic and I was doing everyone's favorite 2020 activity: taking a walk.

Out of the blue, my phone tumbled from my hand, landing on the sidewalk, and just like that my phone was out of commission. And for the record, it did have a case on it—just not a very good one, apparently. The point is, I knew then that I needed to double down on a good case.

Enter the Pela compostable case.

I had been seeing ads for Pela's cute and eco-friendly phone cases all over my Instagram for some time, so when I got a new phone, I dug a little deeper to see if this brand was the right fit.

For one thing, Pela was running a BOGO deal at the time, which obviously never hurts. But I was particularly drawn to the fact that it was the world's first compostable case, made from plant materials like flax, plant-based biopolymer, and other recycled materials.

Plus, the company also donates a percentage of its sales to ocean preservation initiatives. And another perk? If your phone cracks when you have its case and screen protector on, Pela will cover the repairs.

Also, I'll add that the functionality of these cases doesn't hinder their aesthetic appeal in the slightest. They have a ton of super-cute designs, with something for everyone's unique style and taste. I've actually owned my cases so long that the designs aren't even available anymore—but there still are plenty of adorable alternatives to get you in the compostable case game.

My experience.

I opted in for the BOGO deal and received two Pela cases within a few weeks. I recall it took some extra time because the brand was becoming so popular—but when I received them, it was well worth the wait.

It's been over two years since I got the cases, and they're still in great shape. Not to mention, they've definitely saved my phone more than once. (As we've established, I have a knack for dropping things.)

They do exactly what they're designed to do: protect your phone. But in addition to that, I like knowing they're good for the environment, so when I do eventually swap mine out for a new one (which will be a Pela!), they'll break down naturally, instead of sitting in a landfill or polluting our oceans for years. Plus, I've received many a compliment on both of them.

My single complaint is that the material used for my particular cases doesn't allow PopSockets to stick—but some of their newer models don't have that issue. Just something to consider if you like using those.

Overall, I'm just happy I've been able to successfully keep my current phone in good shape for two years, which, given my track record, is quite the feat.

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The takeaway.

The bottom line is, I'll be using Pela's cases as long as I can, and if you're looking for a case that's functional, cute, and sustainable, the brand has got you covered. If I had one word of advice, though, it would be to get one before you have a cracked screen to deal with.

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