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Natural Practices To Help Turn Your Mood Around, From A Reiki Expert
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September 1, 2021

Between the stress, stimulation, and responsibilities of our busy world—we're all prone to slip into a bad mood from time to time. Getting into the occasional funk is part of human nature, and that's OK. But a little grumpiness doesn't have to conquer us either. Not when we have tools available to turn our mood around.

It's all right (and encouraged) to surf the human spectrum of emotions—but let's be honest, few things go our way when we're in a bad mood. That's why it's key to recognize an oncoming funk and know how to pump the brakes. And as spiritual empowerment coach and reiki healer Kelsey Patel attests—we can do that through embracing natural practices like reiki or working with NOW Essential Oils for aromatherapy.

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Your midday reiki reset.

"When I'm feeling a bit stressed or overwhelmed or just need a little break," Kelsey describes, "I diffuse essential oils for a reset. Our sense of smell can enhance our mood in an instant." In addition to her fondness for oils, Kelsey is an expert reiki practitioner. Reiki, a form of Japanese energy healing, is all about increasing our "life force," the vibrancy that makes us feel alive. Receiving a reiki "attunement" helps promote a sense of rejuvenation and relaxation—just what you need when you sense some storm clouds moving in. It's a powerful practice, and so you can experience it for yourself, try out this virtual reiki healing with Kelsey: 

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Add essential oils to your practice.

Sometimes all we need is a little reiki reset, but we can take that to the next level by pairing our practice with NOW® Essential Oils. Why does a deep inhale of Organic Lavender Oil feel so calming? Why does a little NOW® Organic Orange Oil stimulate our senses and creativity? Because smell is powerful. And the part of our brain that processes smell (the olfactory bulb) is very close to the amygdala and hippocampus, which are both involved in memories and emotions.

As a natural practice, essential oils help us take action in turning our mood around. As soon as tension creeps in, that's our cue to grab the Mind That Energy Essential Oil Blend Roll-On, dab it on our wrists, and enjoy some reiki healing. By stimulating our senses through smell, we automatically become more present. And in that presence we can ask ourselves, do I really want to choose that bad mood right now?

How to use your essential oils.

Just like our moods come in a variety of flavors, there's a versatile variety of essential oils you can work with. Between all the scents and the different ways to use them, you can create an essential oil practice custom to your needs. Here's Kelsey's approach:

"You can use essential oils based on the mood, feeling, and intent that you need. We all know that our sense of smell can enhance our mood in an instant... It's a wonderful treat to add in an essential oil smell that you really love to help open up the sensory experience inside the body, the mind, as you invite yourself to go into a restful or perhaps energizing midday practice."

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To add essential oils to your routine, start with a little self-inquiry: What kind of support do you need? Each essential oil carries different properties to meet the different facets of our mood. While lavender is famous for relaxation, you may choose the more nuanced aroma of NOW® Frankincense to help you focus or center. Or the comfort of the Rose Absolute Blend—which puts the love in the air. But some moods require a greater pick-me-up—and that calls for the NOW® Organic Peppermint Roll-On on the back of your neck or your temples.

There's *essentially* an oil to meet any mood, and different ways to use them. Essential oils are commonly applied and enjoyed topically. If it's not already blended, be sure to mix a couple of drops of your essential oil in a carrier oil first, like jojoba or coconut oil. But you may prefer aromatherapy in the form of a diffuser... As soon as you feel a little cranky, put 5 to 7 drops in your diffuser and breathe deeply. Or, if time allows, take a mini-break and enjoy a relaxing aromatherapy bath. Add in 3 to 6 drops of NOW® Organic Lavender Essential Oil, plus 1 tablespoon of a carrier oil. 

Fill your cup.

Just like we can slide into a bad mood in a matter of minutes, we can slide out of it too. And these natural practices of reiki healing and aromatherapy are two reliable paths toward emotional well-being. The only thing these practices require is a moment to pause so that you can nurture yourself. Whether that's a reiki reset with Kelsey Patel, a NOW Essential Oil blend, or ideally both—you're only going to benefit from taking that micro-break and turning inward. And when you stop to fill up your cup, the rest of the world benefits.

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