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8 Staffers Share Their All-Time Favorite Episodes Of The mbg Podcast

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April 9, 2021
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Here at mindbodygreen, we know there isn't one answer to achieving optimal health and well-being. The nuance needed to parse the many recommendations from doctors, researchers, and game-changers is essential, and since 2017, the best place to explore these topics has been with our co-founder and co-CEO Jason Wachob on the mindbodygreen podcast.

Now, with the 300th episode right around the corner (!!!), we're taking a moment to reminisce on the mind-blowing science, the helpful tips and tricks, and the trend debunking that happens each week on the mbg podcast. There are so many Remember whens from the nearly four years of conversations, so we had to ask the team: What has been your favorite episode thus far?

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It turns out, mbg staffers have their go-to ear candy. From biohacking your genes to the future of postbiotics, these are the episodes that leave our team feeling inspired. Consider the below our highlight reel. 

Emma Loewe, Senior Sustainability Editor

Favorite episode: Acclaimed environmentalist Paul Hawken on Trump, greenwashing & the future of our planet

"Paul Hawken has long been a personal hero of mine, and getting to sit in on his podcast episode in the mbg studio (prepandemic!) is something I'll never forget. One particular thing he said that has stuck with me was to approach nature as the miracle it is and treat every starry night like a one-in-a-lifetime event. Tune in to hear more of the environmental thought leader's advice, and then check out his book, Drawdown, for an overview of the top solutions to climate change that exist today."

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Andreas Von Scheele, Head of Film & Video Production

Favorite episode: Becoming a radical peace warrior | Maya Feller, R.D.

"Maya Feller, R.D., speaks to the healing power of listening to and inhabiting the stories of others to create compassion and empathy. I think if we spent more time deeply listening to each other's experience with open minds, we would all be peace warriors."

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Nikki Coren, Senior Client Experience Associate

Favorite episode: The best & worst foods for sleep | Michael J. Breus, Ph.D‪.

"As someone who has always been concerned with the amount of sleep I'm getting, this episode has taught me a lot about the different steps I can take to enhance it! The 'five steps to ensure a good night of sleep' has really helped, and these steps made the information extremely easy to digest. The step that has helped the most? Cutting my caffeine intake—no more afternoon coffee for me!"

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Alexandra Engler, Beauty Director

Favorite episode: The gut-skin axis and the skin microbiome | Whitney Bowe, M.D‪.

"Whitney Bowe, M.D., has long been one of my favorite experts. She looks at skin health from a science-forward, safe, holistic approach—and has done so well before 'clean' beauty became trendy. So when she gives advice or talks about new research, I listen. In this episode, Jason and Whitney talk about the microbiome. The skin microbiome is one of my personal areas of interest in the beauty space and an area I can't wait to learn more about—there's new research coming out daily, it seems. In this episode, she talks about a specific class of postbiotic called antimicrobial peptides and how these ingredients can help nurture our skin back to health by wielding the benefits of good bacteria naturally found on the skin. It really is cutting-edge research and innovation, for both skin health and overall health." 

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Samantha Schwartz, Director of Client Experience

Favorite episode: Michael Phelps on water conservation, being a laid-back parent, and the fruit he's finally reintroducing to his diet‬

"Michael Phelps—need I say more? This episode covers so much ground: Of course, we hear about Phelps' go-to fitness and recovery practices and his post-Olympic diet, but he also touches on two of his very important passions (besides fitness): mental health and water conservation. I am totally a Phelps fan (I was a competitive swimmer growing up!), but there was so much I didn't know before tuning in."

Ashley Jordan Ferira, Director of Scientific Affairs

Favorite episode: Your genes are not your destiny | Jeffrey Bland, Ph.D‪.

"A biohacker long before biohacking was even in vogue, Bland shares visionary intel and actionable insights on the interplay and impact of nutrition, lifestyle, and the environment on our genes. Through paradigm shifts in personalized nutrition, preventive medicine, and systems biology, this 'father of functional medicine' explores our unique genetic signature and empowers us to tap into its massive, potential legacy."

Jamie Schneider, Associate Editor

Favorite episode: The best and worst foods for anxiety | Uma Naidoo, M.D.

"Nutritional psychiatry truly fascinates me. I always knew, inherently, that what you eat can affect your mood (blood sugar crashes and the like), but the emerging science around food and mental health is really mind-blowing. In this episode, Naidoo breaks down the link between poor mental health and gut issues, as well as the best foods for better brain function. Spoiler: She's a fan of breakfast for dinner, a plan I can certainly get behind." 

Hannah Margaret Allen, Executive Editor

Favorite episode: What science says about the afterlife | Bruce Greyson, M.D.

"If you know me, I've probably talked your ear off about this episode. I first heard about the very real research on near-death experiences (NDEs) and past-life memories in Episode 211 with Roxanna Namavar, D.O., and I had to get Bruce Greyson, M.D., from the University of Virginia's Division of Perceptual Studies on the show. Greyson's nearly 50 years of NDE research is nothing short of mind-expanding—that's all there is to say about it. You just have to listen.

"The forthcoming episode with his colleague and director of the Division of Perceptual Studies Jim Tucker, M.D., is just as eye-opening—so be sure to tune in next week!"