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I'm A Keto Neuroscientist & These Are My Favorite Snacks To Help Me Stay Full

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July 26, 2021
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Full disclosure: Dom D'Agostino, Ph.D., is not a huge fan of snacking. Of course, the king of keto and associate professor at the University of South Florida (who focuses on neuropharmacology, medical biochemistry, physiology, and neuroscience) indulges in a keto-friendly dessert every single night (while you're here, check out his go-to blueberry chocolate mousse recipe), but his meals are typically so protein-rich and satiating that he rarely feels the need for a nibble midday. That's not to say he never feels peckish from time to time.

On the mindbodygreen podcast, D'Agostino shares his go-to snacks for whenever he needs a little something extra. 

D'Agostino's favorite keto-friendly snacks. 

"People send me a lot of different types of snack foods to test," D'Agostino explains. These four make it into his regular rotation:

  • Yummi Foods baking mix: A perfect snack to meal prep and keep in the fridge, this keto-friendly powder mix yields 18 delicious chocolate chip cookies. And according to D'Agostino, "It has no effect on my glucose at all." (He even wears a glucose monitor, and it showed a completely flat line after indulging; meaning, no glucose spike.)
  • Perfect Keto Bars: "Perfect Keto Bars are pretty flat trace," D'Agostino adds. Plus, they offer some decadent flavors—banana bread, cinnamon roll, almond butter brownie, lemon poppy seed, and more. A caveat: They don't include any gums or filler ingredients, so they may melt a bit if kept in a warm spot—just something to note during the summer.
  • FBOMB Real Food Snack Bars: If you're a fan of nutty flavors, D'Agostino recommends FBOMB's bars. "It does have some honey and maybe some other things in it that spiked [my glucose] only 10 to 15 milligrams," he shares. But compared to other snack bars you can get your hands on in grocery stores, he's still impressed. 
  • HVMN Keto Food Bars: "These bars had a very minimal glycemic response, and my ketones stayed elevated," says D'Agostino. They're also the only option that offers both sweet and savory flavors: You can opt for a vanilla shortbread, chocolate chunk, Mexican hot chocolate, or everything bagel bar. 
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The takeaway. 

There you have it: If D'Agostino is going to reach for a snack during the day, he'll likely elect for one of these four options. While everyone's body reacts differently to certain foods (just because it doesn't spike D'Agostino's glucose doesn't mean it will keep a flat trace for everyone!), you, like the king of keto, have some options to test.