Sex, Psychics & Kundalini Kriyas: 8 Ways To Stay Inspired During Colder Seasons

mbg Contributor By Erin Rachel Doppelt, M.A.
mbg Contributor
Erin Rachel Doppelt, M.A., is an international wellness consultant, spiritual teacher, and retreat leader. She earned a master's in clinical psychology and education from Columbia University and is a certified functional medicine health coach.
Sex, Psychics, and Kundalini Kriyas: 8 Ways to Stay Inspired This Winter

If you're anything like me, you might tend to get very uninspired in the wintertime. I crave blankets, sleeping in, warmth, and Harry Potter movies as the days start to get shorter. Around this time of year, I also hear a lot from my clients that they're lacking inspiration too. People who love their work or relationships or travel seem to simply lose the gusto for it.

The cold weather can leave us feeling unmotivated and lacking energy. These winter blues—scientifically known as seasonal affective disorder—may affect up to 10 million Americans, according to Psychology Today. The limited hours of sunshine leave many of us waking up in the dark morning and leaving work well after the sunsets, which can feel dismal and stamp out inspiration. It's hard to feel into your purpose or to manifest creative energy in these gray and quiet months.

Even though the weather may be uninspiring, I encourage you to continue to radically show up for yourself and your great work. Intentionally, I am spending this winter promising myself that I will still share my work from a place of soul-aligned inspiration. The best way to do this is by taking time out of our scheduled day to connect to practices that stimulate inspiration.

Here are a few practices that can help keep you in a healthy and inspired state:

1. Practice the Sobagh Kriya for abundance. 

This is a life-altering meditation sequence in the lineage of Kundalini yoga brought to the world by Yogi Bhajan. Bhajan once said, "If there is a misfortune written by the will of God, by doing this set, you will make it into good fortune. I'm not saying 'man-made.' I'm saying if God Himself has written that you shall live under misfortune, by doing Sobagh Kriya you can turn your misfortune into prosperity, good fortune, and good luck."

The Sobagh Kriya shifts your energy so you become magnetic, helping you attract your soul-mate relationships, both romantically and professionally (yes, I'd say soul-mate clients are thing!). With this shift in energy due to the fast-paced movements and breathwork, you finish this 15-minute set feeling deeply inspired and connected for the day ahead. This Kriya will ground you in a healthy head space and realign you with your great work.


2. Practice cycle syncing. 

Deepen your connection to your own circadian rhythm and become inspired by your body's intuitive abilities. Menstruators have four different phases in their "moon cycle" (aka menstrual cycle) over the course of its 28-ish days. By connecting to your ebbs and flows of estrogen and progesterone, you can investigate how your mood shifts throughout the month. Typically after menstruation, people move into the follicular phase, when energy rises with your biological rise in estrogen. This is a wonderful 10- to 12-day period when inspiration and planning big occur naturally. The natural hormonal shift makes it easier to show up for a 12-hour workday, daily workouts, and social gatherings due to the energy increase. These naturally spiked energy levels support an inspired state as you plan out the month ahead from an energized head space. Take this time to free-write in your journal, explore a part of your city you have never been, or dive into a new creative project.

3. Open up your shoulders and hips.

As a kid, I would rest my hand on my mom's shoulders and tell her to breathe and relax. With this message, my mom would release her shoulders from her ears and let them rest. When we are cold, we naturally turn inward, raise our shoulders, and clench our body to stay warm. In the comfort of your home, lie on your back and put a bolster or pillow under your hips. Let your hips and pelvis release as you allow your whole body weight to fall upon this bolster. Do the same with the space between your collarbones to release the shoulders. Feel free to put a blanket over your body to stay warm and breathe deeply in these postures. Once stress and cold leave the body, there is more room for warming thoughts. 


4. Have more sex.

Yes! When you have sex, your brain not only releases feel-good endorphins—several of its regions light up as you climax. "Extensive cortical, subcortical, and brainstem regions reach peak levels of activity at orgasm," a recent study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found. When the brain is lit up, good ideas can be birthed from this space. Next time you are about to climax, breathe a little deeper and see what inspiration arises.

5. Reflect on the winters of your youth.

Remind yourself how joyful and exciting these colder months were as a child looking forward to snow and perhaps holidays. Take time to journal and reflect on the soul-nourishing moments that occurred during the wintertime as a child. When we reference what inspired us in the past, we can intentionally recreate it in the now. 


6. Join an online program.

I am based in Chicago, and it is very easy to settle into a routine that involves very little to no time outside because of the severity of the cold here. To keep me connected to my high-vibe self during these months, I like to invest in some self-learning through online courses. Online courses allow you to continue to immerse your soul even in the darker months. They are a very gentle commitment because you can show up for the live session or watch the recording when it is most convenient to you, securing consistent inspiration even when you're unable or uninterested in setting foot outdoors.

7. Connect with a psychic.

Perhaps this sounds woo-woo to you, but if you resonate with any spiritual practice, then working with a psychic might be incredibly inspiring and healing for you as well. When I am lacking inspiration, I connect with psychics (such as the grounded healers from Guided Integration) who help me feel into my energy and provide guidance on best next steps to reclaim my inspiration and tap back into my soul's purpose. Working with a psychic offers a new perspective on how to interact with your daily life. The insights from credible psychics will shift your current patterns into a format that helps you show up daily for your most inspired life. 


8. Be still.

Hibernation is an incredibly useful tool. When the darker months arise, this is a wonderful time to slow down, live in sweatpants, read more books, and watch movies. Even if you're not moved to create throughout these months, spending this time consuming other creative works can be a great way to gather new ideas that will be the fuel for when inspiration does return to you in the spring. Be gentle with yourself; you're a living, breathing thing, and now is a wonderful time to rest and recharge.

It is perfectly normal to feel lack of inspiration during the wintertime. By being attentive to your energy and engaging in activities geared around keeping your creative flame alive, you can continue sharing your great work with the world.

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