Skip The Brow Pencil: What This Brow Expert Suggests For Fluffy, Natural-Looking Arches

mbg Associate Editor By Jamie Schneider
mbg Associate Editor
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Unless you have a tried-and-true favorite to beef up those brows, choosing a product can be overwhelming: Should you go for the traditional and sturdy pencil? Soft and smudgeable crayon? A pomade? That's not to say we don't appreciate all the options out there—we do!—but there is a bit of a learning curve when it comes to brow literacy. 

Speaking of: There's one product experts love best for a natural, no-fuss moment. "I recommend using brow powder above all other brow cosmetics," says brow expert Azi Sacks. "It fills in gaps and helps create density at the same time." 

How to powder your brows. 

There's something about a powdered brow that just looks fluffy and feathery. Powder itself is soft and pillowy, so it yields a really plush finish. A flick of a pencil or felt tip can mimic those fine hairs, sure, but too intense of a draw can also look like you're doing the most when all you wanted was to thicken up the arches a bit. 

If you're thinking of making the switch to brow powder, run a spoolie through those brows and follow these steps: 

  1. Grab your brow powder of choice (this pressed-powder palette also comes with a wax to hold the brows in place), along with a flat angled brush. Just make sure the bristles aren't too stiff: "If you use a loosely packed angled brush, it dispenses very softly and looks so natural," says Sacks. 
  2. With your angled brush, apply the wax in short, upward strokes. That way, the powder will have something to grab onto. Your brows will also mold into place and reveal any sparser areas. 
  3. Dip the same brush into the pigmented powder and sweep it on your brows in soft, feathery strokes. Keep your pressure light, worrying less about precision—you’re trying to build up a soft shadow here rather than hairlike wisps. 
  4. Set with tinted or clear brow gel, if you so choose. 

The takeaway.

There's no shortage of brow groomers and tricks to go around. But for naturally thick and fluffy arches, many experts love the soft look of a pressed powder. Whether you use powder as your prime brow-enhancing technique or to supplement an eyebrow tint, it gives the girls just a touch more zest.

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