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Always Forget Your Dreams? These 5 Tips Might Help Them Stick

Tanya Carroll Richardson
mbg Contributor By Tanya Carroll Richardson
mbg Contributor
Tanya Carroll Richardson is an author and professional intuitive, giving readings to clients all over the world.
Always Forget Your Dreams? These 5 Tips Might Help Them Stick
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There are many ways your powerful sixth sense can send you messages, and you don't even have to be awake to receive them.

Have you ever had a dream that gave you valuable information, knowledge you were completely unaware of in your waking life? While some dreams don't have much use or value, others can be profound. Intuitive dreams can warn you of potholes on the road ahead and give you guidance on action steps to take to improve your life. Here are five ways you can increase the amount of intuitive dreams you experience.

1. Create more space in your waking life. 

As a professional intuitive, I'm using my sixth sense and the four clairs every day in sessions with clients. Yet since moving to a new town and making the conscious decision to slow down and create more space in my schedule, I have experienced a significant increase in premonition and guidance dreams about my own life. When you take some things off your plate in your waking life, it has a dramatically positive effect not only on the quality of your sleep but of your dreams.

Creating space could look like delegating chores to children or roommates, making open space in the evenings after work to futz around on a hobby whenever you can, performing a ritual, phasing out some of the unnecessary busywork at your job, or hiring someone to help you clean or organize your home. If you can, set aside an afternoon with no agenda and let your soul lead you to your joy, whether it's a long walk in nature, a warm bath, or a phone call with an old friend.


2. Pay more attention to the dreams you already wake up remembering. 

Some dreams are nonsense, but by simply making note—perhaps in a mental review on your train ride into work or while you are preparing breakfast—of your dreams the night before, you are reinforcing to yourself that you already have dreams you remember. Perhaps you woke up with a song in your head that had been playing in your dream. Go online and listen to the song, making note of the lyrics and if there could be a message in them for you. Acknowledging the dreams you remember will make the idea of getting important messages from your dreams feel less far-fetched.

When we place importance on something, it can grow.

3. Remind yourself that dreams often give us information we are not aware of in our waking life. 

Some people might receive premonition or intuitive guidance dreams and second-guess the message. If you receive information that comes as a complete shock to you, like the name of a supplement you've never heard of or the title of a book you've never read, it's worth investigating this information when you wake up. If someone you know comes to you in a dream and tells you they have a crush on you or that they want to promote you at work or that they are secretly jealous of you, this may be your intuition's way of giving you information you could not have easily gathered in daily life.

4. Start a dream journal and read up about popular dream symbols. 

When we place importance on something, it can grow. Those dreams that right now seem fragmented and unclear might become crystal clear, helpful messages from your intuition in time. By jotting things down in a journal and quickly researching (either through a book or an online class) what that dancing bunny might have meant or why you were flying through the air on a magic carpet, you are putting energy toward your dream life. And where your energy goes, things grow.


5. If you typically don't remember your dreams, set an intention to change this. 

Write a journal entry to your spiritual guidance squad asking them to help you remember your dreams. This alone might shift something for you when your head hits the pillow. Also watch for synchronicities from your guides that there might be something interfering with your ability to remember your dreams, like your diet, your alcohol or caffeine intake, or stress.

And if you're just not a big dreamer, even after giving these a try, don't get frustrated! There are plenty of other ways for the universe and your intuition to send you guidance. You can find many more in my new book, Angel Intuition.

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