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How Knowing Your Human Design Can Improve Your Love Life

Erin Claire Jones
mbg Contributor By Erin Claire Jones
mbg Contributor
Erin Claire Jones is a leadership coach specializing in Human Design. She has been featured in Forbes, Nylon, Well+Good, mindbodygreen and more.
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Everyone loves a personality test—especially when those tests give us a sense of our love compatibility (or lack thereof). We've all compared sun signs, but have you thought about using human design to aid your love life?

When it comes to cultivating relationships, one of the biggest challenges we may come up against is expecting others to be different from who they are, or operate the same way we do. Human design gives us the tools we need to understand ourselves and those around us, by shedding light on our unique emotional, psychological, and energetic makeup.

What is human design?

Based on your birth date, time, and location, and with over 2 billion configurations, human design was first established in 1987 by a mystic named Ra Uru Hu. It stands on the belief that we are all born with a specific design, and our life's mission is to cater to it.

It's a synthesis of ancient wisdom including astrology, the I Ching, the chakras, and the Kabbalah, along with modern sciences of quantum physics and genetics.

Your human design chart offers insight into your personality, as well as your "design," or subconscious tendencies. It identifies four main personality types: projectors, manifestors, generators/manifesting generators, and reflectors, along with a bunch of other factors influencing who you are.

And when we operate according to our design, there's a lot more flow and success. When we don't, we're not in flow, and there's more resistance and frustration. Additionally, operating according to our design can be a tremendous help to our love lives.


Applying each human design type to relationships.

Once you know which of the four types you fall under, you can apply what you've learned to your love life. This can transform any relationship, whether with a partner, sibling, or boss, by giving you a language and framework to understand and navigate differences. Here's a basic rundown:


Projectors are here to be our leaders, guides, and teachers. Their value is not in how much they do but in the way they see the world. They operate best in their love lives when they feel truly recognized by their partner, when they are invited into a relationship, and when they give themselves permission for alone time, honoring their energy levels.


Manifestors, meanwhile, are here to provoke and get things started. They do things their own way, on their own terms. And as far as their love lives, they operate best when making the first move. They need freedom to make their own decisions, but they'll keep their partner in the loop.


Generators/Manifesting Generators

Generators and Manifesting Generators are here to build, create, and bring things to life. They're here to be lit up by life: their work, their friends, and their partners. They operate best in love when they trust their gut to know which partners feel right for them, as well as when they create space in their relationship to be in their own flow.


And lastly, Reflectors are our mirrors. They take in everything and mirror it back to us, very sensitive to their physical environment. Reflectors operate best in their love lives when they choose their physical space (whether it's the home, the date location, or the vacation destination), and partners honor their sensitivity. They also are meant to be fluid in their identity, so it's best to be with those who honor that fluidity and don't put them in a box.

When we stop trying to change who someone is and instead give them the chance to be exactly who they are, it makes our relationships that much more enriching, compassionate, and authentic. Human design gives us a unique approach (that we may not have tried) to do just that.

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