Never Get The Glossy Lid Just Right? Try This Tip From A Makeup Artist

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Glossy eyelid
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If you've got a penchant for dewy makeup looks, chances are you've attempted the glossy lid trend. Similar to how a shimmery highlighter can catch the light just right on your cheekbones, a glossed-over lid can have you looking glowy and hydrated each time you bat an eye. 

And, sure, certain liquid shadows can offer some sheen, as does a tap of moisturizer or eye cream for a barefaced look. But if you really want to commit to a glossy lid? Well, celebrity makeup artist AJ Crimson recommends none other than lip gloss. 

How to master the glossy lid—with lip gloss. 

It's not so far-fetched: In fact, makeup artists routinely lean on gloss to achieve that luminous-looking glow. Usually, they'd tap on a lip balm or lip oil after applying eye shadow in order to give the pigment some more shimmer. Crimson's tip follows that same beat—only, he nixes the shadow entirely and turns to straight lip gloss. 

During a Zoom demo, Crimson takes a tube from his new Office Politics lip gloss line (a shade called Reply All, a warm, cinnamony pigment with pink undertones) and swipes the doe-foot applicator across his lid. Even on-camera, he looks instantly polished yet still completely natural—as if he just so happens to have fresh, glistening skin allover. 

We'll admit, the thought of swiping lip gloss on your skin might raise some eyebrows. Wouldn't it cause a, well, sticky situation? But that's where your formulas come into play: If you apply a gloss laden with tacky oils—yes, it'll likely feel heavy on your lid skin. Rather, snag a tube with hydrating oils and nourishing actives (Crimson's contains vitamin E), and it'll blend in quite nicely. According to Crimson, "It's like having the moisturizing benefits of a lip balm and the high shine of a gloss."


The takeaway.

Hydrated, dewy lids are always on-trend, but just in case you need to elevate the look further, don't shy away from using a clean lip gloss on the area. Best part? Any smear or crease that occurs can be restored with a single swipe. It's as easy as, say, retouching your gloss. 

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