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A Mindfulness Practice To Burn Bright Instead Of Burn Out This Decade

Burnout is so 2019
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December 29, 2019
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Over the past roughly two years, we've all seen a rise in the conversations about inflammation in our bodies and gut imbalances that are leading to other health complications. In my work as a reiki healer and spiritual empowerment coach, I've seen fatigue among so many of my peers and clients. These are people who are not necessarily looking or acting exhausted on the outside, and they have a general demeanor of being optimistic and happy. But on the inside, they are tired almost every morning when they wake up and are going at a fast pace on what feels like a life treadmill. 

While there is no arguing that the medical components of our bodies need to be addressed—things like regular blood work, balancing the hormones, and addressing cortisol depletion—I have become increasingly concerned about the burnout that is happening for people on a spiritual and mental level. The burnout that is taking place for people who range from feeling happy in their lives to the ones who feel like they have no place in the world and have no purpose. Burnout is finding them all the same and trickling into their bodies in a way that can no doubt lead to the physical disharmonies that come from stress. 

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In the past, burnout has been associated with more of a dramatic flare: passing out at work and finding out it's exhaustion, a mental or physical breakdown, that prevents someone from continuing their day-to-day tasks. But here, we are talking about the subtle burnout in which life feels manageable and exhausting at the same time. 

So much of burnout, in my personal and professional experiences, is about individuals not taking the time to tune into their desires and needs on a mind, body, and spirit level, which is also why mindbodygreen made it one of the wellness trends to watch in 2020. They are running off of the inertia of their external daily life, like emails, work, family, relationships, perceived societal and personal expectations that they themselves have not yet actually sat down to question and tune in to see if their life choices are actually supporting them or hurting them.

As we enter the new decade, each one of us deserves to let go of the old ways we've shown up to our lives that deplete us and take a big step into the way we want to experience and show up in our lives. Contrary to what many believe, burning bright and feeling wholeness is not always about feeling high, productive, happy energy and a desire to socialize. It's about knowing yourself and getting curious enough to want to understand your rhythms and cycles with life and to deeply honor them without forcing yourself to show up in the world from a place of feeling burned out. 

What many people don't realize is that mental and spiritual burnout can and will affect their physical body. Here is a mini ritual to connect to your sense of personal mind, body and spirit wholeness.

Mindfulness Practice To Burn Bright, Not Burn Out:
  1. Take a few deep breaths and then close your eyes and slowly begin to notice the quality of energy and thoughts in your mind. Give it a number from 1 to 10 (10 being the most stressed or feeling overwhelmed). Do the same thing with your body and spirit.
  2. Begin to connect to your upcoming day and just notice how your body feels when you think of your commitments that day. 
  3. Now, one at a time, slowly ask the mind, body, and spirit what you can do for yourself that day (just that day!) to show up from a place of peace and ease.
  4. As you prepare to close, invite a sense of peace, surrender, and joy into your body, mind, and spirit, and then close out with a few deep breaths of gratitude for the time to connect.
  5. Throughout the day, practice seeing yourself in the essence and energy of burning bright that day versus burning out. Notice the differences and then decide what you are willing to choose (it's all a choice!) to align and harmonize with yourself that day as the moments present themselves. 

As you enter this new decade, get curious about how you've been showing up to different aspects of your life so you can begin to incorporate new rituals, new daily practices to burn bright. 

In Burning Bright, my new book coming out in April, there are several chapters with different daily practices and rituals to get the mind, body, and spirit harmonizing so you can truly feel and live the definition of burning bright. There is also a 35-plus-minute healing meditation available now to close out the past decade with peace and compassion for your journey, with deep reiki healing and visualization for the new decade ahead.

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Kelsey J. Patel
Kelsey J. Patel

Kelsey Patel is one of Hollywood’s leading wellness and reiki experts. She is not only a sought after spiritual empowerment coach, yoga teacher, reiki healer and meditation teacher, but also a multi-faceted entrepreneur and inspirational speaker. She's also the author of Burning Bright: Rituals, Reiki, and Self-Care to Heal Burnout, Anxiety, and Stress.

Patel's work has been featured in dozens of print, online and social publications such as US Weekly, Harper’s Bazaar, GOOP, Bravo TV, The New York Times, Page Six, Reader’s Digest, Well Good, MindBodyGreen, Angeleno Magazine and more.

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