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mbg Beauty Director By Alexandra Engler
mbg Beauty Director
Alexandra Engler is the Beauty Director. Previously she worked at Harper's Bazaar, Marie Claire, SELF, and Cosmopolitan; her byline has appeared in Esquire, Sports Illustrated, and Allure.com.
Supermodel Kate Bock
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"I think so many people want the secret pill, but there is nothing like that. It's all simple: I eat clean, never super restricted, move my body and stay active, drink tons of water, and take care of my skin," says supermodel and Sports Illustrated cover star Kate Bock. "That's your miracle!"  

In this episode of Clean Beauty School, Bock and I chatted about all of her healthy habits, and to her point: I was impressed with how reasonable and grounded her routine was. And sure, with our busy lives and day-to-day pressures, none of us are going to be perfect in our habits (nor should you strive to be), but small steps each day do make for a better routine overall.

Here's how Bock does it.    

I meal prep & eat nutrient-dense meals.

For Bock, the core of taking care of herself—from her body and skin to mind—starts with food. "Eating clean really guides my whole self for the day, for the week, for the month. It's the thing that really runs my life. Eating is really the primary source of energy, skin clarity, and feeling good in my body and self," she says. 

What does this mean in practice? She's made a habitual practice of breakfast ("Two eggs, olive oil, and an avocado," she says). She pre-preps marinated chicken thighs weekly so she can toss them into her lunch. ("Usually a big salad with toasted pine nuts, toasted chickpeas, toasted almonds, avocado, olive oil, and different mixed greens," she says.) Snacks are usually some Abby's Better Nut Butter, and for dinner, more protein ("We do chicken, fish, or steak," she says.) And finally, stay hydrated. ("I drink so much water—no, really, like so much water." She laughs.) 

And while this is what works for Bock, she notes that everyone should feel comfortable going on their own journey to find what fuels them best. "It takes a minute [to find what works for you]. I think a lot of people are really hard on themselves, but it does take a minute to figure out what you put in your body, what's going to give you good energy, what's going to give you clear skin, and what's going to kind of make you feel good," she says.  


I talk to loved ones when I'm stressed.

Mental health and fitness should be part of anyone's overall routine—and while a robust mental health practice can include everything from sleep to moving your body, for Bock one of the biggest parts of hers is being open with those she trusts

"[I found people in my life] who I can be totally open and honest about how I'm feeling about things, and I don't feel I have to hide anything," she says. "Before, I did. When you feel like you have to hide, that gives you more anxiety and more stress, and that only makes it worse. Once I kind of spew out what I'm feeling, it calms me down: I call my friends and say, 'I think I need to word vomit on you.'" 

I like to work out in a class or with a partner. 

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"Most days I would say I'm active in some way or another," Bock says, but how she's active is entirely dependent on her needs at that moment. 

A long day of traveling (pre-pandemic, Bock said she'd take at least two flights a week) or working calls for hot yoga. "I have a hot yoga studio in New York that I love and go after flying or working. I get all kinds of tight from sitting on a plane for a long time or in the office," she says. 

Or she'll take a session with her trainer—who she says might as well be her therapist. "I love working out with a trainer because I think trainers are like a half-therapist, too. You end up getting so much stuff out of sessions. Every time I go, I'm like 'Geez, you need to be certified in therapy, too.'"

Or she gets a workout with two of the favorite things in her life: her dog and her fiancé, professional basketball player Kevin Love (who was also on our parent podcast!). "I love going on runs—I take my dog with me," she says. "Or when I'm with [Kevin], we'll make sure we do something active, like go on a hike, walk around all day, or go to our gym and watch some TV while we're on a bike. Moving really just calms us."


Take care of my skin with high-quality, clean skin care.

And while all of her healthy lifestyle habits certainly contribute to a glowing complexion—she takes care of her skin, pretty thoroughly, I might add. "It's funny because some of the products I use I do with intention—I search out good, clean formulas that work. But a lot of the stuff, I just use it because I like it! And it just happens to be clean and healthy," she says. 

Bock, who says she has perpetually dry skin, opts for creamy and hydrating formulas, like those in Bite Beauty Agave Lip Balm, RMS Buriti Cream Bronzer, Kosas, Supergoop sunscreen, Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask, and tenoverten Hand Repair Kit. "If I can put any oil or moisturizer that is natural into my skin at all times, I'm happy to do it," she says.

The takeaway.

For more well-being tips from Bock—including her go-to sleep routine, acupuncture, and how she lives sustainably—tune into the episode. 

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