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6 Gifts That Give Your Bedroom New Life, According To A Feng Shui Expert

November 07, 2019
Senior Branded Content Editor
By Krista Soriano
Senior Branded Content Editor
Krista Soriano is the Senior Branded Content Editor at mindbodygreen.
Image by Treasures & Travels / Stocksy
November 07, 2019

The bedroom is one of the most private spaces in the home, and according to feng shui educator Anjie Cho, it's the one room that represents us—and affects us—the most.

"When we're in our bedroom, we're usually in a more passive, relaxed state—we're more open and our guard is down," she says, and this makes us more vulnerable to the energies within the room. In that sense, "any kind of feng shui adjustments you make in the bedroom will be the most powerful in the whole home."

Below, Cho lends us her feng shui insight for gifts—for your friends and loved ones, or just yourself—that can help cultivate a nurturing, nourishing, and safe space.

A standing or hanging mirror

"In feng shui, the command position is being able to see the bedroom door while lying in bed. This puts you in the best position to deal with whatever energy might be coming through the door and into your life. When it's not possible to face the door in a bedroom, you can set up a mirror so that you can see the reflection of the door when you're in bed. Side note: The shape of a circular mirror represents continuity and harmony—so it's a great gift idea for a couple."

circular mirror on pink background
Room And Board / Contributor

A smudge spray

"A smokeless smudge spray like this one makes a great gift for anyone who will be traveling or even hosting people in their bedroom over the holidays. Before and after they leave, they can use this smudge spray to clear any energies out of the bedroom. I even love the ritual of cleansing the space every night before bed."

Captain Blankenship / Contributor

Organic sheets

"The actual bed is the most important part because it's the closest thing to you and your skin in the bedroom. We're affected by any toxins within the materials we sleep around and, in general, any materials that may not be high vibrational or have positive energy. So when possible within your budget, your linens and mattress should be natural, organic, and nontoxic."

A top choice for 100% Global Organic Textile (GOTS) organic certified sheets is Avocado's lavishly soft, cool-feeling Organic Suvin Cotton Sheets, made of rare Indian Suvin cotton. Only a few thousand bales of this heritage cotton grow each year, which Avocado purchases directly from family growers. And the entire Suvin production process—from growing to harvesting, spinning, and dyeing—is GOTS organic certified.

Avocado Green Mattress / Contributor

A pair of rose quartz crystals

"If you have a single friend who is looking for a partnership, a nice gift for their bedroom is a pair of rose quartzes. This is the color of the feng shui self-love and relationship area, so it works on two levels: It's a gentle energy that activates the heart chakra to heal their heart, and it helps attract a healthy relationship. It's also a great gift for a couple to put in the relationship corner of their bedroom to help deepen their existing partnership."

Rose quartz stone, pink in color
Energy Muse / Contributor

A vase for a single flower

"Flowers help to unstick things that are stuck in feng shui. If someone you know is feeling stagnant in their life, a beautiful bud vase can remind you to have one fresh flower in the bedroom to invite in vital energy. You can even use color to work with different energies: white for purity and clarity (metal energy); black for wisdom (water energy); pink for love; blue/green for healing (wood energy); yellow/orange for self-care (earth energy); and red for passion, recognition (fire energy)."

white circular vase from minzuu
Minzuu / Contributor

Tunable bedside lighting

"Being aware of what types of lighting you use in your bedroom is so important, especially because now we have so many devices. Reducing the amount of blue light at night will help support the circadian rhythm, and this ties back to the principles of feng shui, which is all about observing nature and being in tune with the natural world around us. We've really lost touch with that in modern society, but luckily science is starting to support that."

geometrical light, beige triangle with large circular bulb from gantri
Gantri / Contributor

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